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Hello again! On rather a more positive note than my last post, I am waffling about my staple products that I simply cannot live without…


Garnier ~ Micellar Water

I know I talk about this beauty of a product a lot, but it deserves it. It takes off my makeup so effectively, with barely any rubbing and no irritation! It’s just downright perfect really.


Clinique ~ High Impact Mascara

I have never actually bought one of these amazing things, but my mum gets them free for her incredible loyalty to Clinique, and I have 3 in reserve – thank the lawd! I use this every single day as my first mascara, and then switch up whatever I pop on over the top. I just love the reasonably dry formula because there are no clumps in sight 🙂


Rimmel ~ Kate Eyeshadow Stick in 100 Rose Gold

This is a slightly surprising item to always repurchase, but I’m honestly in love with it. I can make an easy but frickin’ gorgeous eye look by just sweeping this on my upper and lower lashlines as a soft liner. With big fluttery lashes it looks incredible, but is so easy! A no-brainer methinks…

Soap&Glory ~ Brow Archery

Soap&Glory ~ 2-In-1 Brow Sculpting Crayon and Setting Gel

Since planning this post I tried to repurchase this gem and discovered that it has been replaced by the new 2-In-1 Crayon and Setting Gel. I picked this one up in the hope that it’s as good as its beloved predecessor. I shall let you know of course 😉


Collection ~ Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is a total makeup staple in my collection and has been for years. It’s high coverage, long-lasting and blends beautifully. I am always trying new concealers to experiment, but this remains my favourite and I always go back to it.


Seventeen ~ Miracle Matte Skin Primer

I use this very strong primer as an eye primer to combat my oily eyelids. It leaves no residue, totally mattifies the lid and makes my eyeshadow stay put all day. Basically, it’s bloody brilliant.


The Body Shop ~ Tea Tree Oil

Last but not least, is this tiny but powerful lil’ product that has been my ultimate skin saviour for the past two years. I’ve talked about this many a time (read more here and here) but it really does deserve all that airtime for its incredible powers. Magic, just saying…

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! What products do you always repurchase? Tell me in the comments, and we can have a little chat ❤ Don’t forget to follow my blog to stay up to date, and leave all your links below as always 😉

Until next time… xx

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