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Hellooooo 😉 I’m doing a different kinda post today which I’m pretty sure I haven’t done before. I normally like to focus on the products that I LIKE, rather than those I DON’T like, but what the hell…

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Pressed Powder in 001 Light

A few summers back I wanted a portable powder that would keep ma sweaty face under control – pleasant I know. I’ll be honest, I picked this up in quite a hurry, it’s only £3.49 and I was desperate, but I was not expecting a lot. After actually putting it on my face, I laughed out loud at my Oompa-Loompa-esque complexion. Although this is the lighter of the two shades in the range (and I have a medium/olive skin tone) it was way too dark, and completely ridiculous! Such a shame, as I’m sure the product itself is fine, just a lack of shade diversity.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Luna and Stellar

I bought these right in the middle of the flurry of excitement they caused, but I was thoroughly disappointed. I find the colours garish, the scent is artificial and too strong, and they applied so streaky! I really wanted to love these, but they just weren’t for me – loads of people still rave about them, so maybe I’m just unlucky.

Soap&Glory It’s About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase in Bright Light

This is exactly what I don’t like in an eye-primer. It’s shimmery to the max, doesn’t combat my oily lids and makes my eyeshadow look hella strange. I normally love Soap and Glory products, but this one failed me unfortunately 😦


Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray

I struggle with spots on my back and shoulders and, although I’m fortunately a pretty confident person with my appearance, my skin problems do really affect me… I bought this in the desperate hope that it would help clear up my body acne and make me feel totally fierce with my back and shoulders on show, alas it wasn’t to be – if anything this makes it worse!

Thanks for reading! Hate to be negative, but thought it’d be an interesting post?! I’ll see you lovely lot on Thursday for another post 😉 As always, leave me all your links below – Insta, Bloglovin’, Pinterest and Twitter… 

Until next time… xx

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