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*I do not know what is happening with my WordPress scheduling, but again this post was meant to go up yesterday! Sorry, Imma try and sort it out… *

Hello again! I’m back with one of my favourite posts to read on others’ blogs – an empties!! I’ve collected a few products that I’ve used up over the past few months. It’s not too many, but enough to ramble about in a blog post 😉


First up is my beloved Garnier Micellar Water. I swear this is in every single empties that I have ever written, as I’m totally in love with it ❤ I shan’t waffle on again about this, but if you want to read my thoughts on this lush product a lil’ more then click here or here.


Dull one now, but I’ve finished up a pot of Essential Waitrose Cotton Buds. I like these ones because they’re cheap to be completely honest. I mainly use these for tidying up those annoying accidental mascara splodges on my eyelid, to avoid having to take off all the beautiful eye makeup I’ve done 😉


Finished up another of the little BodyShop Tea Tree Oil pots which I loooove! This is a fab product for targeting those pesky spots and blemishes without affecting your entire face with a drying face wash.


Next up is the Collection Clear Mascara, which I use to set my eyebrows. I featured this in my Monthly Makeup Routine for June, but since then I’ve finished it and moved onto another clear mascara – I’ll let you know my thoughts on it soon, but I feel they’re all much the same really?!


I finished up my first Mitchum 48hr Pure Fresh Deodorant Stick which I have fallen in love with, and have just repurchased. I love the formula. It’s really smooth but thick so it does the job really well! It kinda smells of sherbet to me, sweet but in a mature way – not all floral and sickly, which I hate!


I also finished a small size of the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner which I’m still undecided about. It made the ends of my hair feels pretty good, but I did use it up very very fast which is a shame…


Last thing, I used up the remainders of this Clinique Powder Blush in 07 Sunset Glow. My mum got this as a freebie a while ago, but she smashed it and then gave it me – so kind. So, there was only a lil’ bit for me to use up, but it’s a pretty colour. The formula is lovely, but I think the shade is a little too red-toned for me and it made me look flushed in a sweaty just-done-hours-of-sports way, rather than the flushed spent-a-few-hours-on-a-chilly-walk look, which isn’t ideal.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this! Leave all your links below as always, I’d love to find some new blogs to read over the weekend 😉

Until next time… xxx

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