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Hello again – second time today, crazy I know! My earlier post was scheduled to go up last night, but for some reason WordPress went crayyyy and didn’t post it – so I put it up this morning. Now this is actually today’s post 😉 Explanation over, let’s go!

If you hadn’t already realised, from the name of my blog, I have curly hair. It’s naturally pretty thick with a tendency for frizz and dries in reasonably defined curls (they’re roughly an inch wide if you want serious detail 😉 )


I have had this product for quite a while and thought I’d finally do a review on it – the product I’m waffling about is the John Frieda FrizzEase Secret Agent Perfecting Crème. After you decipher the annoyingly long name, this is basically just a hair cream that defines curls and tames frizz.

I use this when my hair is damp just before diffusing it, and I have to say it does seem to be making a pretty good difference. It doesn’t make my hair crispy at all, and it really does help define the curls and reduce frizz.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with curly, frizzy hair as a nice easy way of calming dat frizz, especially if you’re battling the damp, humid British weather with me…

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Comment below if you have curly hair and let me know how you manage it! Always looking for more tips and products to try. Don’t forget to follow my blog to see more posts from me! All my links are below 😉 Leave yours in the comments ❤

Until next time… xxx

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11 thoughts on “REVIEW: John Frieda FrizzEase Perfecting Crème | curlsandcuppas

  1. tessgalen says:

    I’ve been using this stuff for YEARS. Like, maybe over 10 years. I love using it on dry curls too when they get too puffy and frizzy. It’s a life savor!


  2. Sprinkle of Surprise says:

    omg i have pretty wavy hair, and can neveer find a product that doesn’t leave residue or stickiness in my hair making it gross looking, rather than taming my curls. i’ll def have to look into this!!


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