REVIEW: Revlon Lip Butters + Swatches | curlsandcuppas

Hello AGAIN! The excitement of being back to blogging will fade I promise… it just hasn’t quite yet :))))

Today I’m going to be talking about the Revlon Lip Butters. I know these were all the rage a little while ago, and I totally jumped on the bandwagon then – but I haven’t got round to reviewing the range until now!


I have four shades in this formula…

(INSERT 4 lipstick pics with swatches)

~ 080 Strawberry Shortcake ~

~ 010 Raspberry Pie ~

~ 050 Berry Smoothie ~

~ 096 Macaroon ~


Left to Right: Macaroon ~ Berry Smoothie ~ Raspberry Pie ~ Strawberry Shortcake

The formula of these is lovely and smooth, though the more glittery shades can be a little bitty which is a shame. These retail in the UK at £7.99, which is pretty good, especially as Boots often has a lot of offers on the range!

There is a reasonably wide range of colours, but I do feel that they could do with a few more deeper but wearable shades, because the majority of shades are pretty light-toned, which I struggle to wear…

So, my overall verdict:


  • Smooth formula
  • Pigmentation
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes bitty formula
  • Not enough deeper but wearable colours
  • Pretty strong sickly-sweet vanilla scent

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed 🙂 As always, let me know what you think of these too in the comments ❤ And please leave links too 🙂 Always looking for new blogs to follow!

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Until next time… xxx


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