REVIEW: Mitchum 48hr Pure Fresh Deodorant | curlsandcuppas

I posted a picture of this product on my Instagram a while ago promising that I’d do a review here on the blog, so here it is…

I love this deodorant so damn much that I can barely begin to give it enough credit! I have been searching for an anti-perspirant that really does what it says and keeps me sweat-free all day! I cycle 7 miles a day on my journey to and from school, and also do regular ballet lessons – so I need a pretty effective anti-perspirant!

I first tried one of the spray versions of this range, after watching Lily Pebbles say great things about the brand. But I was not very impressed by the spray version and it didn’t seem any different from my normal ones.

I didn’t want to give up on the brand, so I thought I’d branch out into the stick formula and see if that worked any better (I’m a bit phobic about germs so I’ve never really liked the idea of stick/roll-ons) And I’m happy to report that I’m converted!

This formula is so amazing, the scent is fresh but not too strong and the anti-sweat power is bloomin’ amazing! This is probably TMI, but it’s just the perfect way to illustrate how darn amazing this product is – I get into the shower each evening and my underarms are completely dry?! Like totally bone-dry, it’s a damn miracle…

Anyway, I think you get the idea – I LOVE THIS! If you’re looking for a new, very effective, deodorant, then look no further.

Thanks for reading, hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂 I’m spending this weekend doing bucketloads of studying and coursework, what are your plans?

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