Weekly Instagram Round Up | curlsandcuppas

I know it’s strange to do a weekly round-up post in the middle of the week, but ah well, Imma do it anyway – #sucharebel πŸ˜‰ I haven’t done one of these before,Β but I love to read them and thought it would be an interesting way of reviewing what I’ve done this week… In case you were wondering, I take all my photos on my iPhone 5S and if I apply a filter it’s always either Ludwig or Clarendon – let’s go…


Made myself this delicious English Breakfast for lunch ❀



Experimenting with makeup to relax after revision #peacockeyes



Satisfyingly neat photo of these gorgeous bareMinerals eyeliners – did a review last week



Face of the Day – simple but gorgeous look



The gorgeous eyeliner set again – you can tell I love it!



My 4th book of this year, loving it so far – follow me on Goodreads (curlsandcuppas)



Another face of the day – this one was a classic black liner and lush lashes ❀



Loving this little beauty at the moment, review will be on the blog very soon!



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Thanks for reading, do give me a little follow on Instagram – it would make me a very happy bunny. Do leave your Instagram names in the comments and I’ll be sure to have a look ❀ Until next time…

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