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I have been looking for my signature perfume for many years now, and I think *touch wood* that I’ve finally found it, the Molton Brown in Heavenly Gingerlily. I sampled this during a trip to Birmingham a while ago, and then asked for it for Xmas. I’ve worn it every single day since I got it and had loads of compliments on it!

I am awful at describing scents (as you can see here) but it’s kinda fresh/musky with an almost citrusy undertone – see I told you, awful… The Molton Brown website claims…

“Top notes: cardamom, ginger and clove.
Heart notes: tuberose, tagetes, lily and jasmine.
Base notes: cedarwood, sandalwood and musk.”

I’m not sure that this holds its scent terribly well, but I am looking into getting one of those portable perfume holder things (if you know a good one lemme know..) so that I can reapply during the day if need be.

All in all, this is a gorgeous perfume that I’m sure I shall be wearing for a long time. Although it’s a way out of my normal student price-range at £39.00, this bottle will last a while and there’s always Christmas 😉

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