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Hello all. I hope you’re all well 🙂 I thought I’d do a more lifestyle focused post today, by showing you some of my favourite home décor items from around my bedroom…



This is the top of my chest of drawers. I keep a MUJI storage container of my most used makeup or new stuff I want to try out. Also, I have a little letter holder thing from WHSmith that I keep my eyeshadow palettes in. And I also have decorated the walls around this little nook of my room with some of my favourite fashion and makeup inspiration – mainly from Vogue.



This is the item in my room that really satisfies my need for stationery. I bought a super cheap mason jar-like thing that I originally had a very tiny candle in. But after struggling to find a safe and easy method of lighting the candle inside it I changed my mind and have since been storing colourful highlighters and post-it notes inside – which I think is much more aesthetically pleasing!




Finally, I love this little shelf on my tall bookshelf that stands next to my desk. I keep all my Vogue issues along with any fashion and cook books I have. They all look so lovely next to each other! Also this adorable little coaster with a VW campervan illustration bizarrely encourages me to drink more!

Thanks for reading this more lifestyle-type post, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if there are any UK available stores you think I’d like for homeware items (eg. TKMaxx) I have another homey post coming up tomorrow, so look out for that! Until next time… x

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2 thoughts on “Interior Decor Favourites | curlsandcuppas

  1. Sara says:

    I love the jar full of highlighters. It is so pretty! I’ve been loving posts like this as I’ve just moved into a new apartment and have been looking for ideas. This was awesome!


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