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Hello everyone! Today’s post is a little bit different from what I normally post on here, but after a day out in the gorgeous town of Burford (England) I was feeling very inspired to do a more lifestyle type post showing off my photography and just telling anyone who is able to get to this little town how damn pretty it is! Let’s get into it…












As a bit of a cultured morning stroll, we went round the 15th century ruin at Minster Lovell. The scenery is gorgeous, and so interesting to see such old architecture still standing strong. I would really recommend giving it a visit if you can, it’s free to enter and you can spend as long as you like there. It’s also a great picnic spot if the weather is on your side! Excuse the huge number of photos, this is under a third of all the ones I took – I just couldn’t leave any of these out!

IMG_5952   IMG_5965



Next to the ruins there is a cute little river, and of course I had to include the adorable donkeys! I wish I’d known they were there because they really wanted food from us ❤ The river was super calming and the donkeys (although they smelt a little unpleasant) were adorable beyond belief!



We went to The Golden Pheasant for lunch , which is a quaint traditional English pub. I had a four seasons pizza (not very English!) which was lush, but for my gannet-like eating tendencies was a little small…




I popped into this really adorable little deli-style shop which sold delicious fresh bread, pasta, conserves and tea! I couldn’t resist some of there rather fancy pasta styles and some lovely loose tea 🙂




On the stroll round Burford we popped into a little public garden that was absolutely adorable! The flowers all looked so pretty and the little green arch of foliage was to die for!





Finally I thought I’d snap lots of  pictures on the general strolls around Burford with endless gorgeous wisteria, roses and stone walls ❤ All perfect for Instagram!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of post. I just thought it’d be nice to show you a really pretty English town that I find so relaxing and inspiring 🙂 If you’ve been to Burford let me know what you thought of it in the comments or if you’ve visited any other English town that you think I might like then tell me that too – I’d love to add places to my list ❤ Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Day Out In Burford | curlsandcuppas

  1. Sara says:

    This post was so beautiful! I lived in London for three months and during my time there I visited Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Dover, and Bath. Dover was easily my favorite. I would love to check out Burford whenever I make it back to the UK. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a vacation back there soon. I miss it so much.


    • Tarika says:

      Awh, thank you! I love Bath too 🙂 You so should, it’s an adorable little town. Thank you for taking the time to comment – I really appreciate it ❤ x


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