Guest Post: Maria Dolotina – wearingkilts | curlsandcuppas

Hey you guys! Tarika’s letting me do a guest post so here you go! My name is Maria and I’m the words and brains behind
Today I’m going to do something different to my usual vegan lifestyle blogging and write a review of my favourite shop Brandy Melville.
I live in London and the style here is quite casual and laid-back. Most my friends shop at Brandy as well because the quality and the designs are amazing and the clothes are really comfortable, though some of the items are a bit pricey.
What catches your eye as soon as you enter the shop is the interior design of the place. The walls are covered with Tumblr style stickers and cute Polaroids of beaches and girls skateboarding or wearing Brandy Melville clothes. It feels as if you’re raiding your fashionista friend’s wardrobe.
The second thing that comes to attention are the clothes themselves. I personally love the checkered shirts that come in many colours, the black skater skirts and the accessories. The rings and the necklaces cost from £5-£15 and are normally embellished with quartz or other gemstones.
At the counter you will be greeted by sales assistants, who will remind you of those YouTubers from Sydney/LA or of fashion bloggers. And yes, I would go and work in one of those boutiques just to wear all these amazing clothes. Plus you get free wall stickers at checkout. Bonus!
So check out my blog for fashion reviews, fitness and vegan bites and I wish you an awesome Monday!

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