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See what I did there, with the title…? Such a comedian 😀 How are you all, I hope you are having a fabulous April, and if you’re in England – what great weather have we been having?! I have made two shopping trips over my Easter break and I thought I would show you what I picked up. I needed to inject some colour into my spring wardrobe to make sure I embrace the lovely weather and one of the happiest seasons 🙂 I also picked up a few beauty bits, so keep reading to see them further down…




I love the colour combination in this top, and I cannot wait to pair it with high-waisted jeans for a simple but chic look this summer. I am not really a fan of the way the sleeves sit with the lace/crochet flowers, so I am planning on removing the decoration on each of the sleeves but keeping it on the bottom.



This is a gorgeous teal colour, that I know complements my skin tone well. This fits perfectly in my ‘colourful’ theme, and is of course, very comfortable and floaty!



This jazzy number is my second favourite purchase of all, because I absolutely love the colour and fit. It flows seamlessly down, and really accentuates my arms (which I like) and glosses over my hips (which I ain’t so keen on showing too much…)



This is rather like the above shirt in its floaty style, but the khaki green is a little more demure and calm. I think his would be the ideal top to wear on a slightly cooler summer day over a pair of brightly coloured jeans.



I thought that I needed some staple black skinny jeans in my wardrobe, so I picked these up. In fact, I think the legs are a little long for my liking, and when I wore these fo the first time I was left with stained grey legs (I have popped them in the wash with the hope that they will both shrink a little and stop releasing dye!)



These are my favourite piece out  everything that I bought, mainly because they fit me like a glove! I have always had trouble with my bum not being big enough to fill trusers, so Iend up with gaps at the back waistband. But with these, there ain’t a smidgen of a gap to be seen anywhere! You can’t really see in the photo, but they are a gorgeous deep olive colour, which really attracted me to them because they are neither plain black, nor overly coloured and garish.


New Look

I thought this skirt would be perfect for parties and nights out, as it is very comfortable, not too revealing but rather smart. I love the Aztec print and I intend to wear ths a lot with tights and ankle boots.



20-04g   20-04h

I have been eyeing up the Soap and Glory Brow Archery for a while now, and when I saw it looming on the counter I gave in to temptation. I have only tried it out a few times so far, but I do really like it and the spoolie that it comes with is lush!


After trying the Batiste range and not falling in love, I have been looking forward to getting my hands on this range as soon as it came out. I have yet to try my COLAB Dry Shampoo in the London fragrance, but I’m sure I shall be typing up my thoughts when I’ve had a chance to trial it.


I have always been rather wary of false lashes, but I thought a good way to start would be with the Eylure Pro-Lash Individuals. I was very excited about trying these, but I have to say after the one time I have trialled these I am not all that impressed. I felt that they left me looking a little more Madonna-esque than I would have liked! However, I’m willing to give them another go, because it may be that I’m just not getting the technique right.


I do watch Zoe Sugg’s videos, but I am in no way an obsessive superfan. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the idea of the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar so I thought I’d have a try. I can’t wait to try this on my next pamper night!

20-04b   20-04c

After seeing this in one of Tanya Burr’s videos, I decided to pick up the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Powder Foundation. Just as she said in her video, this is grea because it is soft like a setting powder, but it gives a little bit of coverage. It is also a reasonably secure packaging (unlike the ruddy Rimmel Stay Matte!) and it has a mirror which makes it an ideal travel powder.

Have you picked up any beauty or fashion bits recently. If you’ve done a haul post like this one then I’d love to see it! Until next time… x


19 thoughts on “They See Me Haulin’ | cherryblossom15

  1. GeezKyraLouise! says:

    Hello! Your blog is SO lovely & I am definitely going to have to try some of the things you picked up! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra xx


    • Tarika says:

      Nawh, thank you! You should, they’re all lush 🙂 Let me know if you try any of the beauty products, I’d love to know what you think. Sure, I’ll have a little nosey now xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eilidh❤️ says:

    Wow this is a huge haul!😂 a very good one too, I’m quite jealous! I also use the brow archery, it’s great for my tiny little non-existent brows😂 Just to let you know I can’t wait to read more posts from you!💗


    • Tarika says:

      Thanks! My spring wardrobe was in dire need of an update… I am liking it so far, so glad I finally bought it! Thank you, I hope you enjoy what’s to come. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Catherine says:

    All those clothes look so lovely. You’ve made me so excited, I’m going to London tomorrow so I’m definitely going to Primark whilst I’m there. Replying to your email tonight at last 😉 xx


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