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browdrama1 browdrama2

Hello, I’m back today with a review of a brow product, which is a makeup category that I haven’t touched on that much on my blog.

I was always rather terrified of doing anything to my brows, and I’m still a bit fearful. But, when I saw all the raving reviews about this I thought, what the hell and I took the plunge. This is the perfect product for starting out with your brows as it isn’t too harsh, and super easy to use. Since buying this a good few months ago, I have also experimented with filling in my eyebrows but I always get scared and take it off. But, I never get worried about the look of the BrowDrama because it just defines my eyebrows and makes them look in control rather than unruly.

Basically, I can’t say enough good things about this product. I love the brushy thing and the product looks great on my brows. It’s a great product for those days when you areΒ in a rush but yo’ brows aren’t co-operating πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. If you have tried this product before, what did you think? xx


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Maybelline BrowDrama | cherryblossom15

  1. SkinConciergeMaiko says:

    I love this eyebrow mascara too! It really makes my brows match with natural makeup πŸ™‚ Wish they would have darker color since my hair is almost black…


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