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Hello, I am so excited to write this post but also a little nervous. I have finally managed to acquire a Naked 2 palette, after many years of saving, begging and Christmas lists 😉 And I cannot wait to tell you my thoughts on it, but it is a little daunting so bear with… (who’s seen the last Miranda episodes?!)

I am going to do swatches of all the colours and then talk a tiny bit about each shade before rounding up my thoughts on the palette as a whole at the end. Enjoy…


Foxy / Half Baked / Booty Call

Foxy is a really pigmented, matte cream coloured shade that I have been using regularly as an all over base. It works pretty well to correct and cover up the veins on my eyelids, which makes my other eye shadows go on better and look much nicer.

Half Baked is a gorgeous gold colour that makes any eye shadow look seem very glamorous and jazzy. The colour pay off is pretty darn good again, but it is mainly gold glitter!

Booty Call is a perfect champagne like shade that I have been using for ages as a colour for the centre of my eyelids to create some great dimension to a really simple look.


Chopper / Tease / Snakebite

Chopper is a slightly rose gold-ish shade that I haven’t actually used that much, but when I swatched it to take this photo I realised how I should really use it more! I want to try and use this colour in my makeup soon.

Tease is an amazingly versatile colour that I have been using as my crease colour almost every day. It is a really matte taupe brown shade that is so easy to blend and makes my eyes look very defined and natural.

Snakebite is a slightly olive toned brown shimmer colour that is amazing when you put it in the outer V of your eye to darken up any look. I use this whenever I’m going out in the evening but I don’t want to redo my whole makeup look after school, just to darken up the edges and make it more smoky and dramatic.


Suspect / Pistol / Verve

Suspect is another colour that when I was swatching the whole palette I fell in love with. It is a gorgeous taupey brown shimmer that compliments my brown eye beautifully. I haven’t used this one all that much, but I think it would look great on its own or with a bit of champagne shimmer to contrast and create definition.

Pistol is a very difficult colour to describe but I shall say this; it has silvery tones but has a slight brown shimmer in it. It is a very interesting shade, but I think possibly the hardest to wear in the palette just because of its strange colour mix.

Verve this has to be my leastfavourite colour in the palette, mainly because I’m just not a massive fan of silver toned shadows. It is a lovely colour, but just not the right shade for me and a little too obviously glitter too :O


YDK / Busted / Blackout

YDK is another unique colour that is a strange combination between a rose hued shimmer and a gold. I can’t decide how to wear this shade, but I really like it. If you have any ideas of how to play with this colour then let me know in the comments 🙂

Busted is such a grungey and gorgeous colour that can’t help but make me think of my 10 year old days (I was always a McFly fan over Busted though…) I use this just like Snakebite as a shade to darken up the outer corner, and it works beautifully.

Blackout is your average bog standard black shadow but it is super pigmented and terrifies me! I haven’t brought myself to use this yet, purely because I’m not really sure how to start but I am determined to use it – even if only as a smoky liner 🙂

If you hadn’t already realised, I love this palette and I have been using some of the colours heavily. I think this is an all-in-one palette that works well for both day and night looks. The pigmentation is incredible and the staying power is not half bad. I also love the way that these blend as I never feel like I need to spend ages buffing away to get a smooth and soft effect.

Thanks so much for erading, I hope you enjoyed this and I helped you out if you are toying with the idea of purchasing this palette. If you have any questions about the palette, let me know below, or if you have the Naked 2 already which is your favourite shade? Mine is Snakebite 🙂


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    • cherryblossom15 says:

      I only got this one last December and I’ve been blogging for nearly two years and wearing makeup for over 4, so I don’t think it’s weird at all! They’re pretty expensive to buy on a whim… 🙂 xx

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