REVIEW: Baume du Sourire Orange Blossom Lip Balm

IMG_2467Hello! I’m back again with a review of this lovely lip balm. I received this as a gift from one of my friends on my birthday, and I have been loving it in the last few weeks since I got it!

The scent is orange blossom, which isn’t very strong but is quite soft and aromatic. It makes me feel relaxed and fresh and the marshmallow extract in it comes through slightly in the scent too.

The texture is reasonably watery but goes on very glossy and intense. My lips feel nourished and soft when I’ve worn this, and it gives a gorgeous sheen too, so it looks like the average lip gloss.

To conclude, I love this. Unfortunately I don’t know where you can buy it in store, but there are some on Ebay if you are interested. The one I found is selling for £10.00 at the moment, so it’s a bit pricey for you average lip balm, but it is lovely so definitely worth it.

Thankd for reading. I can’t believe it’s 2015! If you haven’t read my New Year’s Ramble yet then check it out, and I hope you all have an amazing year 🙂


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