MyPick #23 and #24: Moisturiser and All-Time Product | cherryblossom15

Hello! I’m so excited to be writing this post, because it marks the end of a series I am extremely proud of here on my little blog. I started the MyPick series on 14th January 2014, and I am so amazed that I managed to get through the whole thing and 21 posts later be able to say that I only missed 1 post! Today I have the last two MyPick posts (I won’t be doing this again next year, because I feel it would be repetitive…) I hope you enjoy…


#23: Moisturiser

Best: Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser

This moisturiser is light but works really well. It doesn’t feel heavy and thick on my skin, but I never feel dehydrated in terms of my face once I’ve applied this. I can’t say that this reduces my blemishes, but it definitely does not aggravate them and gives just the right amount of moisture to my skin.

Worst: Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Moisturiser

This is not in theory a bad moisturiser, it just isn’t quite right for my skin. It feel light to the touch but often made my skin feel a little covered up and thick, even though it still felt dehydrated. I now use this in copious amounts to combat my hideously dry elbows, and it works fine – but mainly I’m doing this to use it up and avoid wasting. This is probably better for sensitive-normal skin, but for my combination and non-sensitive skin this wasn’t light or hydrating enough.


#24: All Time Product

Best: Seventeen Miracle Matte Skin Primer

This was so hard to decide, but I had to go for something that I use the most. It isn’t very exciting or colourful, but I use it religiously every day and have done almost all this year. This primer keeps my eyeshadow in place even though my eyelids are oily beyond belief. This is such god value for money, and I started my second tube about a month ago after using it daily for approximately 10 months!

Worst: Collection WorkTheColour Shadow Stick

This product was such a disappointment. I did a full review and comparison with a much better version from Rimmel. I won’t ramble on again about the Collection here, but I’ll link that post here. I was basically a mahusive flunk of a product.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the last of the MyPick posts here on my blog. I might do this series again in 2016 when my tastes will probably have changed. If you would like to catch up on all the MyPick posts of this year then click here to go to the MyPick page of my blog where all the posts are linked. Until next time 🙂 xx


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