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Hello and welcome to this post. I hope you had a fantastic Crimbo, and that you have spent lots of quality time with all your loved ones. Today I thought I’d give you the lowdown on 7 of my current favourite blogs to read. I have included a mixture of lifestyle, beauty and fashion focused blogs – so hopefully you are satisfied whatever your tastes.


I love Suzie’s style and her makeup is always gorgeous. Her posts are more fashion and lifestyle related rather than makeup, but she has a great writing style and her photos are my aim for this blog!

Anna Saccone

I have such a big place in my heart for both Anna and her whole family. I watch their vlogs every day and have been doing since Emilia was about 10 months old (now she’s 2 years old!) I love to see how Anna and Johnathan bring up their children, and Anna is such an inspiration both in her style and achievements. If you haven’t checked out her blog or YouTube, then do so with care – I guarantee you will get hooked!

Sprinkle Of Glitter

Louise is another very inspirational person to me, and I love her very chirpy and bright writing style. She always makes me smile, and makes me think about things I never considered. I love reading her blog for more thought-provoking material that makes me a better person every time.

Essie Button

Estée is one of the most hilarious people I have ever watched on YouTube and her blog is equaly as enjoyable. I love to see the mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts she creates. Her makeup is always on point and is a major source of inspiration for me – she also is the person who causes me to buy the most items 😉

Beauty In Beta

Beth is just downright lovely. She is so down to earth and a lovely person to have a good chinwag with. Her creation #healthyselves is so clever and I regularly participate in the Twitter chat (Mondays 8-9pm GMT) Her cat is also the most hilarious animal ever, Gizmo never fails to make me chuckle in his short appearances in Beth’s YouTube videos.

Gh0st Parties

I love Kate’s home décor posts in particular, they always inspire me to tidy my room and make the most of the space. She has impeccable taste and her blog posts always look good enough to eat!

Hannah Maggs

Hannah is another hilarious person that always makes me smile when I’m read her posts. She is realistic in her beauty picks and her baby is adorable! She has some great beauty posts to read, and I also love her more chatty lifestyle posts all about baby business and life!

Thanks for reading and I hope that this gave you some ideas for what blogs to start reading in the new year. I read all of these blogs on Bloglovin and if you’d like to give me a follow then check out my page here


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