Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag! | cherryblossom15

Hello for the second time today! (who’s impressed??) I thought I’d get thoroughly into the festive spirit and do a tag created by the adorable and hilarious Tom Fletcher on his YouTube channel. I shall tag a few of my favourite people at the end…

01. Festive Food

I love stuffing! I am always the last person still eating, because I eat so much – and my last helping is always just a pile of stuffing soaked in gravy. Ooh, I love gravy too! I am getting so hungry for tomorrow right now, I think it’s  time to stop tormenting myself with all this talk of food!

02. Reindeer

Has to be Blitzen, mainly because I love the sound of the name. And I always seem to be able to remember that one when nobody else can… 🙂

03. Day of Christmas

I’m just going to choose the one I first think of, which happens to be Seven Swans a Swimming. I also love the alliteration of that line, very satisfying!

04. Christmas Song

I’m going to have to choose 3 here, because it is too hard to choose! I love Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid, and of course Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyay. My two absolute favourites have to be Lonely This Christmas (Mud) and Mistletoe and Wine (Cliff Richard) – gotta love some cheesy festive tunes!

05. Christmas Present

I remember absolutely loving getting my dressmaker’s mannequin about 3 years ago, and I also vividly remember going into the living room of Christmas morning when I was about 8 or 9 and seeing a big purple bicycle with a bow on it!

06. Christmas Film

I don’t watch that much TV around Christmas time because I like to spend me with my family and friends, but I think anything Disney always makes me feel very festive and happy!

07. Christmas Cracker toy

I love the Fortune Teller Fish you get in some of  always seem to be jealous or passionate?!

08. Christmas Cracker joke

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas Quacker! 😀

09. Decoration

I love the angel we have on the top of our tree every year. She has amazing long silver hair that me and my sister always used to plait into beautiful hairstyles.

10. Candle scent

I love the Yankee Candle Apple Spice Potpourri which I featured in my Room Décor Ideas post a few weeks ago.

11. Christmas advert

I don’t really have a favourite advert, but I always like to see what John Lewis comes up with, and to be honest I love this year. I know there is controversy around the price of Monty The Penguin, but I thought the whole concept of the advert was lovely 🙂

12. Festive Tradition

I love Christmas Day in its entirety, all the presents and the food and the presents and the food…

13. Place to spend Christmas

At home. I can’t imagine spending Christmas anywhere other than with all my family at home. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the fam?!

14. Festive Fact

I have no witty fact to put here, but hopefully the people I tag will have some hilarious thing to put here 😉

15. Snowman accessory

It has to be the carrot, no snowman is complete without a carrot nose right??

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I tag Catherine, Soph, Kavi, Maisie, Beth and anyone else who wants to do this! Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 I hope you have an amazing Christmas Day tomorrow!! xx


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