MyPick #22: Fragrance | cherryblossom15

Hello! I am so excited to have nearly completed this series, it feels like only yesterday I was writing the first one! Today we’re talking about fragrances, let’s get cracking…

IMG_2288 IMG_2289

Best: Clinique Happy

I love all the scents in this set of minis, but my favourite is definitely the main one – Clinique Happy. I love the fresh and clean style this has, and I’m not a massive perfume hoarder, so it’s a big deal that I like this one so much. I haven’t got much else to say (it’s pretty hard to talk about a smell!) other than this is a lovely scent. If you want something a little more in depth and descriptive then I have done a review here of the whole set.

Worst: BodyShop Ice Musk Body Spray

I have had this for yonks, and I can’t believe it’s still in my cupboard! It smells ridiculously strong and chemically and just bleurgh… To sum up, this was the scent I got when I was about 12, thought it was the bees’ knees and probably drenched myself in it until I was basically choking. I regret this phase terribly, but I can’t change the past – I can rant about it though!

Have you tried either of these products, let me know what you thought below…


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