REVIEW: Rimmel Kate Eyeshadow Stick vs. Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil | cherryblossom15

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Today I thought I’d do a comparison review as the last one I did was ages ago and I actually really enjoyed writing it. Today I have two different forms of one of my favourite types of product, the eyeshadow stick/pencil. I think these are the perfect lazy makeup day products, when you want to make an effort but you are either too lazy or too late! One swipe and a quick blend of an eyeshadow stick adds immediate definition to your eyes, and gives the illusion that you spent ages on it.

The Kate Shadow Stick (100 Rose Gold) Is creamy and smooth, and pretty easy to blend. It does tend to dry pretty quickly, so blending is a slightly stressful and speedy process – but it does blend nicely as long as you don’t let it dry.

I love the colour of this one, and it is particularly apt for this time of year. I wouldn’t call it a rose gold tone, but it is certainly a gorgeous autumnal warm gold shade.

The Collection Work the Colour Shadow Stick is nothing compared to the Rimmel one. It is crumbly and rock hard – I have to heat it up under a hot lamp before I could even apply it. It also blends awfully, leaving you with what looks like you’ve shoved thick white glitter in a strange splatter shape on your eye! I have rarely used this product since I bought it, and I think it is a major flunk of a product. Even if I use it just to highlight the inner corner of my eye, within one hour it is crusty and looks awful.

I wanted this to be a near comparison between two products I loved dearly, but alas it was not to be. There is no way I would recommend purchasing the Collection Eyeshadow stick, but the Rimmel one is well worth a go.

Have you tried either of these products, did you like them? If you’re feeling generous, do leave me a comment below – you would make my day!


8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rimmel Kate Eyeshadow Stick vs. Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil | cherryblossom15

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    The Kate Shadow Stick looks lovely! I might just have to pick some of those up sometime. Thanks for the review! 🙂 xo


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