Wintry Wednesday 2 – Christmas Décor Ideas| cherryblossom15

Hello! Once again I must start this post with an apology. If you hadn’t already noticed in the rather blatant title, this post is a day late! I have been very busy with life and stuff, but better late than never…

IMG_1113   IMG_1116IMG_1132   IMG_1118

The first idea I have to show you is a very easy but super cute little festive decoration to jazz up your room, apartment or house. It was super easy to make as I just took a mason like jar, some red gingham ribbon and a candle in a red holder. All I did was wrap the ribbon around the neck of the jar and tie it in a little bow and then pop the candle inside and bob’s your uncle! You could also fill the jar with sweets, baubles or even nail varnishes for a different look.


The next thing I want to show you all is a little more complex. I am using it right now as an eye-makeup brush holder and I love it. I took the following items to make this masterpiece; some PVA glue, a glass, sticky tape, glitter, star shaped confetti, an old paintbrush and some pretty nail varnish. As this is a little more complex I shall do step-by-step instructions…

IMG_1120   IMG_1121

Step 1: Take your glass and use an old paintbrush to pop on a thin layer of PVA glue on the bottom 1/5 of it.


Step 2: Pat on some glitter onto the wet glue.


Step 3: Continue Steps 1&2 upwards until you have your desired effect, I took the glitter up to between 1/4 and 1/2 of the way up the glass.


Step 4: Create a ring of sticky tape around the top of the glass to make a neat line along the top.

Step 5: Paint on some festive coloured nail polish on the rim of the glass.

Step 6: Wait for the polish to dry and then remove the sticky tape.

Step 7: Pour in your chosen style of filler, I went for festive gold and silver stars. These are optional, but I think if you want to use it as a brush holder they work really well.

IMG_1135 IMG_1134

Step 8: Pop in your brushes or pens or whatever else you want to keep in it and you’re done!


The next two ideas are not DIYs as such, but they just spruce up a room or house and they are super easy to get your hands on.


The first one is candles. I love a good candle, and at the moment I am loving the Yankee Candle in Apple Spice Potpourri. It smells like appley heaven and is so wintery! Candles look great on a mantelpiece, vanity or a windowsill and just make a rom look so festive and cosy.

IMG_1553   IMG_1554

IMG_1140   IMG_1138

The next thing I have done to jazz up my room for the festive season is add fairy lights. I picked up my blue set from Homebase and the white ones from Primark (they were only £1!) These are so pretty, and I actually end up having them up all year round, but they are particularly apt around Christmas 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the festivities today, and hopefully next week’s post will be up on a Wednesday! Check out my previous Wintry Wednesday here, and I will see you again soon 🙂 xx


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