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Hey! I thought I’d do a seasonal post today, as it’s actually nearing  the end of Autumn – and basically time to start celebrating Christmas! I love painting my nails and I have a large collection of nail polishes, so I thought I’d show my favourite shades to wear in Autumn. Enjoy…

1. Maybelline Colour Show – Mauve Kiss


This shade looks a little dull in the bottle, but it is great on your nails. It complements my skin tone perfectly and I love the smooth and opaque formula. Although I love the Barry M polishes, I do find them a little gloopy and thick sometimes, so it’s lovely to have some other formulas that go on a little thinner. I’ve got this on at the moment, and I’ve had it on for a whopping 9 days! Admittedly it is looking a little worse for wear right now, but I only noticed the first signs of chipping after around 5 days which is pretty good considering the price.

2. Barry M – Raspberry


This shade is the perfect colour for English Autumn. Autumn is by far my favourite season; everything is so beautiful and all the colours are so warm. I love to wear this shade on my nails to match the mounds of reddish purple leaves that cover the pavements, it also happens to look great with pretty much every outfit except maybe a bright pink look!

3. Barry M – Bright Purple


This is another gorgeous berry toned colour that is basically Autumn in a bottle for me. It goes on beautifully, looks really flattering on my hands and it just oozes the warmth and luxury that Autumn brings.

4. Nails Inc Foil Effect – Kings Road


This is a bit of a different one for me, as although I’ve had this polish for nearly a year I am only just featuring it on the blog! To be honest I don’t know why I haven’t whipped out a review of it before, because it is gorgeous. The colour is so unique and works so well both on its own and as an accent colour to complement a different base shade. The formula is lovely and smooth and it doesn’t chip as much as you’d expect. An all round win for me, I may well do a full review of this (and the set it came in) in the coming weeks.

5. Barry M – Pomegranate


This shade is rather like Raspberry which I talked about earlier, but it is just as beautiful. I actually think this is one of the few colours in my collection that I would wear at any time in the year. Although it seems quite vampy, there’s something about the pink tones that make it wearable in summer too!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. What are your favourite nail polishes to wear in Autumn, I’d love to see in the comments? Don’t forget to catch up on my first Wintry Wednesday post if you missed that!

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