Double Review: Soap and Glory Supercat and Trick and Treatment | cherryblossom15

Hello again! Today, I thought I’d do a good ol’ review. The excitement doesn’t end there, today I am doing a DOUBLE REVIEW! I had these two products on my list to review, but as they’re both from Soap and Glory I thought I’d bung them together in one big reviewy post. Enjoy…

Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen

IMG_0832   IMG_0831

“Featuring our unique INKJET™ colour release & Gloss–Fix™ finish to give a rich and intense colour. The foolproof marker tip creates two looks – Fine point for a natural look or thick edge adds a dramatic flash! Uses long-lasting, long wear pigments plus a high percentage of carbon black for intense colour release.”

I have had this for a good while now and I absolutely love it – I included it in my October Favourites! It glides onto my eye, and definitely does give an intense black colour. I think it does last a long time, and I always love how my eyeliner looks at the end of the day, even if the rest of my makeup looks like crap.

The product has a slight vanilla scent and it is so fine without being hard to manage. If you hadn’t already guessed I love this eyeliner and since I bought it I haven’t used another to create a line on my top lashes.

Trick and Treatment Under-Eye Dark Circle Corrector



Left: Blended / Right: Unblended

“A long-wear, light-reflecting, under-eye concealer/brightener. Features a special yellow pigment mix to neutralize dark purple under eye circles, includes soft-focusing spheres to minimize fine lines and is formulated with clinically tested levels of HALOXYL™ to help mobilize sluggish, dark under-skin pigment.”

Unlike the Supercat eyeliner, this product isn’t so much of a hit with me. I like the consistency when swatching, and the colour matches well (there’s only one colour in the range!) but when I pop it on under my eyes it looks odd. I don’t know whether I’m not blending it out properly or what, but it sits on my skin and looks like I shoved a load of gold glitter onto my under eyes?!

It definitely corrects the purplely tones in my dark circles, but the finish is so strange and obvious that it isn’t really working for me. If you have tried this and have a special secret to applying it then do let me know! At the moment I’m just doing the usual ring finger pat malarkey – but it just ain’t working?!

Thanks for reading. Have you tried these products, what did you think?  My Wintry Wednesday Series will be starting again on 19 November (check out last year here) so stay tuned for that!

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