REVIEW: Sleek 7-piece Makeup Brush Set | cherryblossom15

IMG_0636Hello all! I am going to do a requested review today. I featured this product in a recent haul and a few people mentioned that they’d like to see an in-depth review of the set, so I thought I’d do that today! Enjoy…

IMG_0657Foundation: This brush is super cute and short, but I haven’t used it very much so far because it isn’t my preferred type of brush to apply foundation with. I think it is very soft and good quality, but it just isn’t my thang?!


Powder: This is very soft (particularly after one wash) and it applies powder products very nicely, but I think it is a little small to be used as a proper all over face powder brush.


Blush: I use this one for bronzer and contouring because it is very precise but it blends really nicely too. It is very soft just like the powder brush, but it isn’t anything particularly special.

IMG_0659     IMG_0658

Eyebrow/Eyeliner: This is the only angled brush I have at the moment and it is really good for doing light brow adjustments :/ and for doing a little eyeshadow work under the lower lashline. I have really been enjoying trying some different looks with this brush and it is amazing! It also has two ends which is cool, but they basically do the same jobs.

IMG_0656Eyeshadow Contouring: This is perfect for intensifying the crease colour and creating a really nice V shape at the outer corner of your eyes.

IMG_0654Lips: I haven’t used this very much as I’m not one for experimenting too much with precise and very bold lips. I have used it a little as a very rough eyeliner brush with the Maybelline Colour Tattoos to add a pop of colour.

IMG_0639Eyeshadow: This is a gorgeous brush and is now part of my everyday eyeshadow routine. It is great for applying shadows across the lid but it also blends really well up into the crease too.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I am doing a little Q&A soon, so if you have any questions for me, tweet me or comment below and I will answer them in an upcoming post!

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sleek 7-piece Makeup Brush Set | cherryblossom15

  1. fransmakeupmenu says:

    Lovely review 🙂 and so affordable. Definitely need to get my hands on the set.
    My Question is: who do you look up to / adore their makeup? ( celebrity or otherwise) 🙂 hehe x


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