What’s In My Holiday Makeup Bag? | cherryblossom15

As many of you will know, I went on holiday to Mallorca last week! I obviously flew there, so I had to be careful about what I took because of weight restrictions. Going to a hot country means that the clothes you take are quite light and small, but I always struggle with my makeup and toiletries. Even though I’m back now, I thought I’d share what I took in my makeup bag…


I took the Rimmel 9in1 BB cream in case I wanted a bit of extra coverage, as it claims to be rather good for your skin?! I also took my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer for under my eyes. I love the bright look this gives me and it is such a creamy and smooth formula.


Next up I had with me the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder this is actually a new one (I smashed my other one…) I the immediate mattifying effect I get from this, and the compact size means I can transport it easily. I also took the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. This is actually the only bronzer I’ve ever tried, but I like it, and why change if you’re satisfied. I’m not a massive bronzer junkie, but I thought (I was right!) that my forehead would go quite brown, I have a big forehead, and so I wanted a bronzer to even up my facial skin tone.


I took my 17 Miracle Matte Skin Primer to keep my eye makeup in place! I won’t ramble on about this, because I have gone on about it many a time… I took the Mocha/Latte eyeshadow duo by Natural Collection. I normally use the vanilla shade in my Soap and Glory Eyes Box, but that was too bulky to take, so I replaced it with this one for the holiday. I also took the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze I used this as a funky eyeliner for most of the days, but I also wanted to take it in case I used it as a base.


I only took my BeautyUK Posh Palette in No.1 Eden for eyeshadow. I mainly used the matte brown colour, because it is my perfect crease colour and I love the consistency of it.


I took 3 mascaras, the Clinique Volume Impact, Collection Longer Lash and the Maybelline Rocket Volume. I wanted one voluminous one, a lengthening one and a waterproof (for when I went in the pool and sea!) I think I managed well with those 3, and I really love all the formulas of them.


For eyeliners I took the Soap and Glory Supercat which I lurve… It is really good for winged eyeliner, and it is pretty good at lasting through heat and swimming! I also took the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner which I only recently bought but I have been really it as a liner for my waterline.


For lips I didn’t want to take too much because I knew I wouldn’t be doing that much on my lips. So I took the Babylips in Cherry Me for a bit of subtle colour and the Nivea Lip Balm with SPF 15. I only bought the Nivea balm recently, but I love that it has SPF, because the last thing I wanted on holiday was sore burnt lips!


For brushes I tried to keep it simple and took 6?! I won’t talk about all of them, but I’ll just write a little list: Ecotools Large Powder Brush, Expert Face Brush, Sleek Powder Brush, Sleek Eyeshadow Brush, Ecotools Airbrush Concealer & No7 Blend and Contour.

Thanks for reading. I am planning on doing a new monthly Guest Post thing, so if you’re interested in being on my blog then drop me an email at cherryblossom15blog@gmail.com 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What’s In My Holiday Makeup Bag? | cherryblossom15

  1. Catherine says:

    Love the make up bag and I really need to use my Maybelline Colour Tattoo more, it’s really good but I barely ever use it. Hope you had a lovely time on holiday 🙂 xx


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      Thank you, can’t resist a spot of Primark! I rediscovered it on holiday, and I realised I’d missed it too. Think I’m going to start using my under-loved products more?! Thank you, I did – I’ll tell all in my email (promise I’ll email some time this weekend?!) xxx


      • Catherine says:

        Me too although sometimes their stuff can be a bit crazy. I need to use some off mine up, they’re taking up loads of room. Looking foreward to reading it and replying (last couple of days have been a bit mad to say the least) xx


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      It’s amazing! I love the finish and the colour range is pretty good too. It isn’t very high coverage so the colour match doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t look cakey – you should definitely try it. Let me know what you think of it if you get it? Thanks for reading xx


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