MyPick #15: Eye Base

Hello! I’m back with the next MyPick instalment. I can’t believe I’m past half way through these 😦 I don’t want to stop doing them! This one is one Eye Bases…

DSCF2397 DSCF2398

BEST: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze

I love these products so much! They have good colours, though I wish they had more light colours. The actual product is quiteΒ solid and thick, but it blends nicely, you just have to make sure not to use too much! It makes my eyeshadow last so long (on myΒ very oily eyelids)Β and it makes the colours pop even more too. If you haven’t got them yet – GO NOW!!! πŸ˜€



WORST: 17 Metallic Eyes Eyeshadow

This is basically a very similar product to the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, Bourjois 24hs, and many other eye bases. I just find it a little greasy and it makes my eyeshadow crease more than usual – which is never good! I like the colours and the concept, but in practice this product just doesn’t do it for me 😦 I also think the packaging looks pretty cheap and tacky.

Thanks for reading. The next MyPick will be on Primers, and as always the previous MyPicks are linked below…

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2Β – Dry Shampoo

3 – Mascara

4+5 –Β Face Brushes and Eyeliner

Β 6+7 – Lipsticks and Eyeshadow Palettes

8+9+10 – Powders, Body Moisturisers and Face Washes

11 – Shower Gel

12+13+14 – Lip Gloss, Foundation and Nail Polish

xx πŸ™‚ xx


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