June Favourites!

Hello! I am finally blogging again. After my GCSEs I felt I needed a few weeks off timetable to relax and re-organise everything. I have had two weeks of work experience and a few days just pottering at home, but I am now going to get back into the blogging swing! I should hopefully get back into my 4x a week regime (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) Thank you for staying with me, and I hope that everything will continue as usual from now on.

Today I am going to be writing my June Favourites. I know this is a bit late (as we are now well into July, and the second half of 2014 – CRAZY!) but I always say, better late than never…Β DSCF2165

First off I have been loving the Soap and Glory Eyes Box. I have been using the colour Vanilla as my all-over lid colour most days this month. I love the smooth texture of these eye-shadows and it comes with an eyeliner and the Thick and Fast mascara!


I’ve been wearing the Revlon Lip Gloss in Berry Allure a lot this month. It’s not a summery colour, but I do love the slightly adventurous, but not OTT shade of it.


I have been using the Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion, a lot in the past month. I put it in my Summer EssentialsΒ and it is still firmly in that category. I think it smells gorgeous, and it makes my legs look a little more glowing and a bit tanned. I am still a little scared to leap into the world of fake tan, but I think this is a great product for newbies and takes me one step closer to taking the leap!!


My last favourite is the Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Treatment Moisturiser. I have used this daily, and although I do sometimes need a spot of thicker moisturiser in some areas, this has definitely helped to clear my skin. It is very cooling and refreshing, and really easy to apply as it rubs in nicely and doesn’t congeal in the lid (a pet peeve of mine…)

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the posts that should start to come back from now! Don’t forget to leave your usual lovely comments, and also leave any links to posts you have written recently that you think I would like – I need to catch up on the blogs I follow, but it may take meΒ a while!!

xx πŸ™‚ xx


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