Top 5 High Street Picks – Guest Post: The Teen Beauty Blog

I’m Catherine from “The Teen Beauty Blog” and today one of my blogging best friends Tarika has kindly let me guest post on her blog. We have both written our Top Five Highstreet Make up Picks so you can find Tarika’s post on my blog. I’ve mainly picked products I use day to day when I go to school and that I love.

1. Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation. Despite my oily skin this seems to last me a whole school day, it does go a bit patchy after about 8 hours but by that time my school day is over. I don’t wear this as much in summer as it can feel a bit heavy but it gives a natural finish, concealing blemishes but my freckles and the colour of my cheeks are still visible so giving it more of a natural effect

2. Body Shop Born Lippy in Watermelon. I lost this lip balm six months ago and in the meantime bought a grapefruit lip butter from there which despite costing Β£2 more it seemed to hydrate less. The smell is artificial but sweet, which doesn’t both me too much but if you are looking for a watermelon scent you aren’t going to find it and it doesn’t affect the colour of your lips

3. Real Technique’s Pointed Foundation Brush. I got this as part of the Real Techniques Core Collection and despite being quite small it blends very well. In the past I have only used foundation brushes that cost no more than Β£5: foundation clumps to them even after washing them and they fail to blend successful so this has really satisfied my need for a good make up brush

4. Rimmel Soft Kohl This eyeliner does a simple job with out a fault, I use it every day on my water line, it isn’t so soft that it smudges loads but it can quickly and clearly create an effective line

5. Finally is the Collection Pressed Powder. I find this a cheaper alternative to the much hyped Rimmel Stay Matte Powder for half the price. Most powders costing Β£2 can barely last the day and leave a thick layer of orange covering your face. Despite this lasting all day it isn’t cakey at all, adding slightly more coverage but allowing you to wear it all day with out fear of your face getting oily.


6 thoughts on “Top 5 High Street Picks – Guest Post: The Teen Beauty Blog

  1. missfearn says:

    I love the Rimmel 25 hour foundation I use it for school and it stays all day and I get a ton of comments on how good my skin looks. I think its also a good price as well ( around Β£8 ) so affordable for me as I am still in high school. Love your blog XX


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