My Pick #11: Shower Gel

Hello again. I am back today with MyPick #11 which is on Shower Gels. If you are not familiar with this little series of mine, you can check out the intro post here, and I will leave links to all the previous MyPicks at the end of the post. Enjoy…

Best: Soap and Glory Clean On Me





I’m going for quite a new purchase, as I only picked this up in my recent haul (shameless self-promo!) It has the same scent as the righteous body butter and lotion – which is an amazing scent! I love the softening effect of this shower cream, and it makes me feel super clean when I step out of the shower. I have noticed a reduction in my back and chest acne, so that’s always a bonus. It is a clarifying shower cream, so possibly a little more deep cleaning than other shower products, but it definitely doesn’t dry out my skin.

Worst: Waitrose Pure


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I am just putting this one in my worst section, as I just didn’t think it did much more than slightly clean me! It didn’t do anything wrong, but it just didn’t do anything. It is cheap, and I guess a good option for sensitive skin. But I wanted a more smoothing and cleansing shower gel.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?

The next MyPick will be up on Tuesday 24th June, and it will be on Lip Gloss.

1 – Concealer, 2 – Dry Shampoo, 3 – Mascara, 4+5 – Face Brushes and Eyeliner 6+7 – Lipsticks and Eyeshadow Palettes, 8+9+10 – Powders, Body Moisturisers and Face Washes

xx 🙂 xx


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