My Makeup Brush Collection

Hello! After last Sunday’s post about How I Clean My Makeup Brushes, I thought I would do an overview of my current Makeup Brush Collection. So, let’s go…

Base Brushes:

DSCF2097   DSCF2099

DSCF2098                          DSCF2100

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I love this brush so much! This is what I use to apply liquid foundation most of the time. It blends beautifully and gives a really natural finish.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I am not a massive fan of this brush, and I’m not entirely sure the best way to use it. I only really use this one to set my under-eye concealer, because it fits in the area under my eyes, and it adds a little bit of blending too.

Ecotools Flat Foundation Brush
This was one the first foundation brush I bought, and I still like it. It apply liquid foundation nicely, but it is quite small and I also find it doesn’t have that buffing effect which I really love.

Powder Brushes:

DSCF2101          DSCF2102


Ecotools Large Powder Brush
I absolutely love this brush, because it is perfect for setting my face makeup. It is super soft and the bristles seem really gentle on my skin.

Blush Brush
I have had this for so long, and I got it as a pass-me-down from a friend – so I don’t know where it is from. At first glance, this brush looks very cheap, and a little rubbishy. But I got past that, and it is honestly so soft and blends out powder brush really well!

Primark Powder Brush
I take this in my makeup bag with me wherever I go, so I can touch up with a little powder in the day. It is really small, so it fits in a makeup bag and is very portable. The bristles are very soft, and despite the very cheap price it is surprisingly good.

Eye Brushes:

DSCF2105      DSCF2107        DSCF2108                  DSCF2106

Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush
I love the softness of this brush, and the buffing effect it has is just lovely. I don’t actually use this as a concealer brush as I find it leaves my concealer a little streaky. But I do use this as my eye-shadow blending brush, and it works really well.

Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this brush. It was pretty affordable, and looked quite nice so I picked it up – but the bristles are pretty firm and don’t allow much blending. I do use this to apply a highlight to the brow-bone, or the centre of my eyelid, but after trying another strangely smelly powder brush from Seventeen (which I had to throw away) I won’t be trying any more of their brushes.

Real Techniques Shading Brush
I use this amazing brush to do the crease in my eye makeup looks, and to create a V-shape in the outer corner of my eye. It is one of my favourite brushes, and I love it to death!

Primark Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush
This is again very cheap and cheerful, but it is actually pretty good. Both ends are pretty soft, and I love the way you can apply an all-over colour on the lid with the large end, and then create a darker V-shape with the small one. I’m not a massive fan of the pink colouring of this, but it does the job and is cheap.

Thanks for reading. What are your favourite makeup brushes? Any recommendations to help me expand my collection?

xx 🙂 xx


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