Revision Tips!

RevisionPicHey everybody. I asked on my last post if anyone wanted to see a revision post, and I got a few people who said yes – so here it is! It is quite a text-heavy post, so sorry about that! Let’s get started.

Tip 1: Organisation

This may seem obvious, but it is super important to stay organised when revising. I create a revision timetable for myself, splitting the day into two sections of 3 hours. That way I get a lot done in one day. I recommend the website here.

Tip 2: Motivation

It can be hard to get yourself to start revising, but it is really important to get going. I find the best way to do it isΒ by organising your timetable so that each morning slot is something you don’t love or is harder work (for me: History, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics) and fill the afternoon with more enjoyable subjects (for me: English, French, Textiles, Latin and Ancient Greek). That way you have something to look forward to each day, it will get you through the morning!

Tip 3: Don’t Overwork

I know that it is hard not to put in too many hours a day, because of all the pressure, but don’t! For some people, that isn’t a problem (it can be the opposite that is the difficulty) but if you struggle to meet your deadlines and plans – you may need to reconsider them. It is better to do two things very well, than 5 a little badly!

Tip 4: Make It Fun

If you’re a stationary lover (like me!) then buy lots of highlighters, flashcards and folders! They will make your revision much more enjoyable, and you will get beautiful notes at the end of it!

Tip 5: Prioritize

This is quite simple, but easily overlooked. If you are really good at something, and you love it, then it doesn’t need as much revision time than something you hate and have to work harder at. For example, I have scheduled 6 hours of French revision this Easter Holidays, but 12 hours of Biology!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped all you worried and stressed Year 11s out there. Just remember, it’s not long until these damn GCSEs will all be over! Do you have any revision tips? What works for you? Leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear them! xx


14 thoughts on “Revision Tips!

  1. misshappybeauty says:

    I love this post, at the moment the only reason I’m enjoying revision is that I’m using an array of coloured pens


  2. sarahsunshine98 says:

    Kind of links to what you said about having fun; change the revision up a bit do some audio revision and acting the next day πŸ™‚


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      Sounds good! I find it is really good to walk and revise too, rather than just sitting down! I always pace up and down my room reciting things – it sounds crazy but it works! xx


  3. effiewright11 says:

    Great tips! Especially getting the hard stuff out of the way early, it’s sort of like ripping off a big physics plaster, then doing the more fun subjects afterwards! I definitely agree on the pretty stationery too – Staedtler Triplus Fineliners were my favourite revision pens throughout the whole of school and university!
    A weird tip for languages, especially for oral or listening tests: some DVDs come with foreign language dubbing if you look through the settings on the main menu. When I was doing my French A-Level, I watched my Sex and the City box sets in French as a not-quite revision break. I think it helped me get used to quickly-spoken French and upped my fluency a bit. It also teaches you some unusual words!
    Best of luck with revision and hope all your papers treat you nicely πŸ™‚ bonne chance! xx


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      I like the analogy of the physics plaster! They sound funky, I have some fine-liners, and lots of highlighters – they always seem to go missing though 😦 One of my friends actually said today that she would lend me Toy Story in French! I might look for some on youtube too – naughty πŸ˜‰ Merci beaucoup! xx


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