REVIEW: Sleek Storm Palette + Swatches


Hey! I’m surprisingly finding time to blog, as I am having a little lull in workload, and a rise in motivation, YAY!I have a review today, and I just wanted to say that I read a recent review of this on Brittany’s blog (The Beauty Deputy – she is amazing, and you should go check out her blog if you haven’t already) and I am in no way copying her! I literally was about to type this up and went to check my WordPress feed and there her post was! Just wanted to clear that up. Enjoy…

I bought this palette few weeks ago, and I just wanted to buy something with a little more variation of colours in I, as most of my eyeshadow palettes are pretty neutral. If you like wearing bright eyeshadow, then this palette probably doesn’t seem very crazy, but for me, it’s a step away from my comfort-zone of warm-toned shimmers.

These eyeshadows have the perfect pigmentation for me. I don’t have to bury my brush in the palette to get any colour, but I also don’t have to worry about avoiding having a rainbow on my eyelid, if I apply too much! I love the feeling of the eyeshadows on my eyes too. They feel smooth and they blend like a dream!

Swatch Time!



Sand Storm: A perfect gold shimmery colour. I love to use this on a brown smokey eye.

Snow Storm: A lovely white-ish champagne colour. I use this as a base to a shimmery simple look.

Dust Storm: A rusty brown perfect for defining the crease on a brown smokey eye.

Gathering Storm: A blue toned grey shimmer colour. I don’t use this one much, but I guess it could be good for a base in a blue eye look.



Calm Before the Storm: This is very similar to a colour in the BeautyUK palette I recently reviewed here. A light brown matte colour, perfect for a base in an everydayΒ look.

Thunder Storm: A beautiful gold shimmer colour with cooler undertones. I love this one for a glamourous golden look.

Storm Cloud: A beautiful deep green. Could be great for the outer corner colour in a green eye look.

Electric Storm: One of my favourite colours in this palette, it is a gorgeous rich blue. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to the outer corner of a traditional smokey eye.




Perfect Storm: This could be great as a base for a pink eye look, with…

Firestorm: … in the crease. A gorgeous girly look!

Eye of the Storm: A darker matte brown that you could use in the crease with Calm before the storm.

Blackout: A very pigmented and true black. Great for a smokey eye, and pretty matte too!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Have you tried this palette? What are your favourite colours? Do leave me any questions in the comments. See you soon, Bye x


13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sleek Storm Palette + Swatches

  1. The Beauty Deputy says:

    Great review! By the way you’re not copying me. Lol!!! Thanks for the sweet comments about my blog. That means a lot to me! I didn’t even see that there were names!! Where did you find that?


  2. natziwang says:

    I just ordered their Sunset and Beach palette, will be getting it sometime this week. I’ve heard so many awesome things about Sleek, I can’t wait. ❀ Also this is such a gorgeous palette, I disagree when you said it's not very springy in your tag, the colours are great.


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      Me too! Though my favourite is still the MUA Heaven and Earth πŸ˜‰ My favourite colours are probably dust storm and electric storm, but I’d love to do some looks with firestorm and perfect storm – but pinks don’t look great on me! xx


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