Blogging Tips!

Hello, and Happy Monday! I am feeling rather on top of blogging at the moment, which doesn’t reflect on my revision progress very well! I have seen a few of these types of posts going round the blogging world, and I just wanted to have a bash at it. I wish that I had read something like this when I started blogging, so I hope I can help some people. If you have just started a blog on WordPress, please leave links below, I’d love to see them! Also, if you have any other tips, then feel free to mention them in the comments too. Enjoy…

Tip #1: Organisation


I am a bit of a sucker for notebooks and diaries and all kinds of organisational bits and bobs, and being organised with my blog has really helped my blog. However, I do (though I hate to say it) think there can be a situation of over-organisation, for me anyway. I used to write every single post in my personal diary on the day I wanted to post it, but I have recently found that doing this makes me feel under pressure and can lead to me missing these deadlines and neglecting my blog. Havig said that, I do have two blogging notebooks. One is dedicated to drafting posts when I’m out and about and don’t have access to Internet, or if I need to write a list of products to photograph. The other is an ideas notebook – I bought it is MUJI, and it is a very small red notebook (about passport size). I write all the ideas I ever have for future posts in here. If I’m reading my favourite blogs or watching YouTube videos and I like the look of something I see, I just note down ideas in this notebook. It is a really great blogging block solver as I can just whip it out and get writing.

Tip#2: Regular posting

I know this sounds obvious, but it is important to keep yourself motivated with your blog, otherwise it will never take-off. I try to post 3-4 times weekly, and I know I don’t always manage that (especially with GCSEs at the moment) but it gives me something to work towards. I also think that setting up regular posts that happen at certain times every month or week or whatever (like my Monthly Favourites or MyPick posts).

Tip#3: Social Media

twitter pinterest bloglovin

I was a little naïve and nervous to start my blog, so throwing myself into the social media side of blogging was a little daunting, but it is such a great idea! I now have Bloglovin (cherryblossom15), Pinterest (15cherryblossom) and Twitter (CherryB15blog). I have found so many new friends through these social medias that I wouldn’t have found just through blogging. It is a great way to promote your blog, and I would definitely recommend Twitter in particular.

Tip#4: Balance

Blogging, for many people, is a hobby and it is important to prioritise. I blog because I love to do it, not because it is my job, and as a teenager I think it is important to find a good work/blog/life balance. I try to only blog when I have completed all my homework for that day/evening. This means that I stay on top of schoolwork, and blogging becomes a post-work treat!

Tip#5: Socialise

I love the community that comes with blogging. None of my close friends share my love of beauty and makeup, so blogging is a great way for me to connect with people who share my passions. I would definitely say to any new blogger that it is totally fundamental to blogging to build relationships with fellow bloggers. The more bloggers you get to know, the more your blog will grow (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!)

Tip#6: Email


This is a very important part of creating a blog. I have a separate account for my blog that I only use for blog related things. This means that people have an easy way of contacting me, and I can easily organise things like guest posts.

I hope that this has been a help to new bloggers and anyone else who read this! Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments or drop me an email at ! Bye x

P.S. If you get all the way down here comment ‘Happy Monday :)’

Disclaimer: All images found from Google Images – they are not my own.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Tips!

  1. Nicolessence says:

    I’m quite new to the Blogging community, and I like this post! I also love notebooks, but I tend to keep my blogging ideas on my phone. I am also a Creative Writing student, so my notebooks tend to be reserved for story ideas!

    Check out my tiny new blog 🙂


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      Hi! Welcome to blogging 🙂 sorry for the cheesiness. I saw that you live in the UK, right? Go us British bloggers. I do love my notebooks, I’m not so much into using my phone for that – I just find it easier to write it in a notebook. Ooh, creative writing is cool. I can understand your notebook priorities then. I will definitely check out your blog, I love to find new reads! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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