Boots Haul!

Hello again. I am coming at you today with a haul from Boots. This is an amalgamation of three Boots visits. Let’s get going…


Boots SkinClear Daily Face Scrub: I love this scrub and it is part of my daily Skincare Routine, and I was running low so I just picked up another one.

Garnier Express 2in1 Eye Make-up Remover: I used to use the Simple eye make-up remover, but I thought it wasn’t getting all of my makeup off, so I picked this up. So far it is doing a good job, and it says that it cares for your eyelashes – which sounds good!

Boots Health and Beauty Magazine: I have a Boots advantage card, and this comes free with it, so I always pick it up whenever a new one comes out. It is great to find new makeup to try out, and they give you vouchers for your advantage card at the back!

Maybelline BabyLips in Hydrate: This is my 5th in my BabyLips collection, and I love it. It is clear, but gives my lips a lovely sheen and has a gorgeous but subtle scent.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze: I already one of these in the colour permanent taupe, but I found that this was too dark for most of my eye looks, so I picked up the bronze shimmery one!

Bourjois Little Round Pot in Beige Rose: This is a single mineral based eyeshadow in a gorgeous pink toned champagne colour. I hve already used this in a few eye-looks, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Mask: I only bought this one today, and I have high hopes for it. I tend to get breakouts in the week around my time of the month (sorry boys!), and my everyday cleanser just doesn’t cut it. This mask is a self-heating one, and I cannot wait to try it!

Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Eye-shadow Primer: I have not had a chance to test this out much, but I wore it once and it did emphasise the colours of my eye-shadow. I’m not sure about the staying power it gives my eye-shadows yet, but we’ll see!

Maybelline Colour Shows Nail Varnish in 150 – Mauve Kiss: This is a bit of an unusual colour for me to buy, but I wanted something more subtle that I could wear if I have to go somewhere quite formal and I don’t want to stand out. I love the finish of these nail varnishes, and the packaging is really simple but cute!

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo in Clean + Classic: I have a big one of these, but I really wanted one I could chuck in my makeup bag so that I will never again have a greasy hair day!!!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Balm Stain in 700: I have this product in the fuchsia colour, but I wanted a more subtle colour. I love the finish of these and this colour works like a slightly dark nude for my lips. I have tried so many ‘nude’ lipsticks, but I have medium toned skin, and they just seem to wash me out. But this one works perfectly!

Thanks for reading. If you would like full reviews of any of the products I mentioned today, then leave a comment below! Don’t forget to follow me here, on Twitter (CherryB15blog), Pinterest (15cherryblossom) and if you want to ask me anything, then drop me an email ( Bye x


6 thoughts on “Boots Haul!

  1. misshappybeauty says:

    I’ve found myself going in to Boots loads recently with their 3 for 2 offer. I have that nail varnish too, it’s like a dark nude kind of colour but I get away with it at school. I’m definitely going to get their magazine next time I’m in Boots, I never really took much notice of them before or when I have I haven’t had my Boot’s card with me xx


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      I know what you mean! This haul was all done during the 3 for 2 offers. Yeah me too, I wore it the whole of last week! The magazine is great, I just love having a good flick through and immersing myself in makeup heaven!! I have my Boots card with me at all times, just so I never miss out on the chance for points! xx


  2. fransmakeupmenu says:

    Great post! The maybelline colour tattoo in the bronze shade is my absolute favourite out of all the colour tattoos. Enjoy your purchases x


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