My Pick #4 + #5: Face Brush and Eyeliner

Hello again. I have to start with another apology, if you follow me on Twitter (@CherryB15blog) then you will probably know that I have been super busy with revision, coursework, controlled assessments and all that fun stuff. I am in Year 11 which means I have my GCSEs starting soon (2nd May, to be precise) and the workload is pretty tough at the moment. I am so sorry that I have neglected this blog, and I apologise for not replying to comments or having the time to read other blogs – but there isn’t much I can do right now. I am trying to squeeze in time for my blog, so fingers crossed. Anyway enough rambling. Today I am going to be doing the 4th and 5th in my MyPick series (intro page here). I know it isn’t Tuesday, but I just felt like a little change, how radical am I?! Enjoy…

First up, #4 – face brush

Best: Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush


This was a particularly hard one to choose as I can think of many face brushes that I love, but Real Techniques just won it with their expert face brush. I am an avid watcher of Pixiwoo on YouTube, and so when I heard they were bringing out a brush range I had to get my hands on them. I currently own the stippling brush, expert face brush and the shading brush. I absolutely love the design of these brushes. They have a really luxurious feel and they just look amazing in a little pot on my dressing table. The way this brush in particular applies my foundation/base is amazing. It leaves my skin looking super natural and it blends really well. No streaks, no smudging, nothing. I have no negatives about this brush at all, it is the queen of my collection in terms of face brushes!!!

Worst: Seventeen – Powder Brush


This is just not good at all. Though I am slightly ashamed to say it, I bought this purely because it was cheap! I got it for £3, and without trying to sound too harsh, I’m not even sure it is worth that. I took it out of its packet and tested it out, only to find that it left my face very cakey with powder and a little itchy. I later discovered that it had a very strong musty sort of smell which seemed to irritate my skin. The shape of the brush isn’t great, and the bristles aren’t stiff or super soft, they just kind of stick up. I would not recommend this even for a cheap brush, it isn’t worth it.

Next #5 – Eyeliners

Best: Seventeen – SuperlashLiner


I did a review of this a little while ago, so I will link that here to save me repeating myself!

Worst: Natural Collection – Liquid Eye Lines



Truthfully, this isn’t an awful eyeliner, but it is just the worst in my collection at the moment. I find that it flakes off really quickly, but with my crazy oily eyelids, this isn’t surprising! Not much else to say about this eyeliner, but I would recommend this for someone just starting out with makeup as it is cheap and does the job.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. The next MyPick will be up next Tuesday (18th March – the day I’m finally getting my braces off. If you would like me to do a braces experience post then let me know in the comments) and it will be on Lipstick. Let me know your favourite face brushes and eyeliners in the comment! See you soon, Bye x


19 thoughts on “My Pick #4 + #5: Face Brush and Eyeliner

  1. misshappybeauty says:

    I really want to try some Real Techniques brushes. Missed your posts but I guess your exams come first, at least you get study leave this summer xx


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      You really should! Aw, that’s so sweet. I’ve missed blogging too. Trying to work it into my busy schedule! Yeah, I guess. I finish on June 18 – so I have a slightly longer summer break. Can’t wait till they’re all done. Xx


  2. jacquelyng56 says:

    I’m so jealous you have some real techniques. I will need to get some myself. Seventeen seem to have really upped their game recently. When I was a teenager they used to be good for eyeshadows and primer and that was about it. I keep seeing rave reviews of their eyeliner, mascara and concealers so will need to give them a try. I love these little posts you do on your pick!
    Good luck with the exams, I know it sucks right now but in 5 or 10 years time you will look back and think it was all worth it (talking from experience here, can’t believe I’m 24 this year, exams seem like so long ago). xx


    • cherryblossom15 says:

      Yeah the brushes are so fab! I know, I have one of they’re metallic eyes, which are a dupe of the Maybelline colour tattoos. They aren’t half bad! Thanks, it’s great to hear positive feedback. I like the way that these kind of posts generate discussion in the comments. Thank you. I’m trying not to stress, believe me I’m totally relaxed compared to some of the pushy parented girls at my school! I can’t wait for them to just be over. Not long now – only a few months. Xx


      • jacquelyng56 says:

        Oh really? I’ve been trying to get my hands on colour tattoo for ages but the shade I want is always sold out. Maybe I will have more luck with these. I’m sure you will look back and wonder why you stressed so much. You wiki do brilliantly I’m sure xx


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