Guest Post: lieslearwood Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Review

Hello everyone! This is Annelies, from lieslearwood beauty & fashion blog. How are your holidays going (if you’re on holiday)? I am very happy to be doing a guest post on ‘Cherry Blossom 15’s blog.

I am going to be reviewing the ‘Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara’, a product I recently bought with my birthday money.

IMG_20140220_193553 Packaging

This mascara by Maybelline, is nicely and conveniently packaged, as I find most Maybelline mascaras. It is sectioned into two bottles, with one brush for the upper lashes and one for the upper lashes.


I find this mascara is very good quality for a drugstore product. It does not clump whilst applying, and stays on your eyelashes throughout the day. The brush is nicely shaped and does not gather extra mascara on the edges. Unfortunately, I did not buy the water proof version of this mascara, and recommend to anyone that you do, as otherwise it tends to end up under your eyes.

IMG_20140220_193857 Effect

Over all this mascara makes your eyelashes look amazing, and does what it says on the packet, give you big eyelashes. I recommend this to anyone, especially if you have trouble applying lower lash mascara.


Once again, thank you Cherry Blossom 15 for having me on your blog. She will be writing up a post on mine later on in the month which you should checkout. I would be very grateful if you would follow me on my blog:

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