REVIEW: Collection SUPERlash! mascara and liner

Hello again! I am coming at you with a review today of two Collection (formerly known as Collection 2000) products. The pictures have been playing up on my laptop, if there are any issues with viewing them please leave me a comment – it would help me a lot! Enjoy…



I will start with the SUPERlash Liner. This is a felt tip eyeliner and I have it in the colour BLACK. This is a totally black colour which I love, as it is hard to find a liner that is a true black. It is really easy to use and I love the sharp but defining look it gives your eyes. I use it on my top lashline and create a small cat-eye by tilting the brush to the left (if I’m doing my left eye) and just dragging it inwards. It is hard to demo in writing! This liner does smudge a little onto my eyelid, but if I use my 17 matte primer, it doesn’t really budge. I love this eyeliner, and I would definitely recommend picking it up!




The mascara is unfortunately not as good. It is called the SUPERlash mascara, and it claims to give ‘upto 93% longer looking lashes instantly’ I have absolutely no idea what it means by 93% longer, but it doesn’t lengthen my lashes much. It tends to clump a bit on application, and when I try to comb out the clumps with the wand it just makes the situation worse. I also have to say that this mascara is a bit rubbish at staying put, and I have a lot of smudging when I wear this. I like the cute pop-art packaging, but the product is just not good enough! I will keep this in my collection (of course) but I can’t see it being a new favourite mascara any time soon.

Thanks for reading. I have another guest post going up tomorrow, so don’t forget to check that out! As always, if you have any suggestions for reviews or post ideas then leave them in the comments, or you can take the poll on my Contact Me/Suggestions page here.


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