Guest Post: MissHappysBeautyBlog

Hi, I’m Catherine from MissHappy’s Beauty Blog and today Tarika has  very kindly let me guest post on her blog. I mainly blog about budget beauty and I love reviewing high street products!

I bought this shower gel the other day because it smells lovely! I have a load of Gingerbread shower gels but I thought I would be this for summer mornings as it is a wake me up sort of smell. I don’t like some of the Soap & Glory scents like Smoothie Star, it’s way too sweet for me,  but the small Sugar Crush range is by far my favourite. They only have a shower gel, body scrub and body butter.This scent is sweet but there is definitely a lot of lime in there to make you ready for the day.

Sugar Crush 1

Sugar Crush 2

I am in love with the packaging. Most shower gels are so inconvenient as once they start to run out you have to deal with the kerfuffle of turning the bottle upside down, waiting for the contents to slowly drizzle down the sides and then squeeze it out. This has a pump ( like a soap dispenser) which is great for when you’re in a rush. The one thing that disappointed me slightly was that the plastic bottle is quite flimsy, the Body Shop ones are almost half the price and the use sturdy thick plastic. The size is also a bit of annoying, the conventional shower gel holds about 250ml of product whereas this is 500ml,  making it hard to travel with and taking up valuable bathroom space.

Technically it isn’t a shower gel as it doesn’t have a gel consistency and it’s more like a liquid. Once in the shower it fills the whole room with this brilliant smell. You use it just like any other shower gel product and a little goes a long way. The smell barely lasted once I was out of the shower but it did make me feel happier.

I am definitely going to be buying this shower gel again as it is great value for money at £6.50 for 500ml and it has a  perfect tropical smell for my favourite season, summer!


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