Blogging Block!

Hello again. This is going to be a super short post and I just wanted to apologise for my absence the last few days. At the beginning of January I scheduled all my posts for the whole month, but when it got to February I reached the end of my planned period. I came to write-up a post twice this week, but I drew a blank as to what to publish. I love reviewing new products, but I have been saving up for the Naked 3 palette, so I haven’t bought much new makeup, but if there is anything specific you would like to seeย a review of, thenย leave it below. Iย love to hear your suggestions, and it would really help me out! Leave any ideas for products to review, or any other posts below, and I will schedule them in. Thank you for all your lovely comments in advance, and I love you! Bye x


4 thoughts on “Blogging Block!

  1. misshappybeauty says:

    It’s a shame you’ve got blogger’s block but I think it happens to almost every blogger. How about a beauty or fashion wish list? I love trying and reviewing new products too and there’s lots of brands looking for bloggers, I’m expecting a couple of companies to send me some products over the coming weeks xx


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