Spread the Love Tag!

Hello again. I am very excited about doing this tag. I was tagged by Benita from Benita’s Beauty Bits and Bobs. If you haven’t already checked out her blog then you should, because it’s amazing, and she is super sweet! This is such a cool tag idea, and I think Brittany from The Beauty Deputy came up with the idea, so all credit to her! This may be a long one, so grab a cup of tea, and let’s get going. Enjoy…

The Rules:

•Place bloggers into categories that you think fit their blogs down below.

•Place the person that tagged you into a category.

•Write what category you think other bloggers will place you in, and why.

•Feel free to add whatever categories you think should be part of this tag.

•Spread The Love!!!

1. The Best Blog Look – the blog with the best look

This category goes to Hannah from Painted Pretty. I love the unique layout of her blog, and her posts look so inviting in those little circles!

2. The Faithful Blogger – the blogger you can always rely on

this one goes to Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner. She is such a lovely person, and our comment threads always go on for so long! If I ever had a blogging or beauty question, she would be who I talked to!

3. The Blogger Twin – the blogger who seems the most like you

Caherine from MissHappysBeautyBlog. I feel like myself and Catherine have really nice chats, and I just love to read her blog. She is also a teenager like myself, so that adds to the common traits!

4. The DIYer – this blogger loves to post cute and fun DIY and craft projects

This goes to Gabby from Under the Willow. I love all her cute ideas and DIY projects. She has some super cool craft posts, you should check them out.

5. The Makeup Junkie – the makeup lover

This goes to Bethany from Love, Peace and Makeup. She is a budding makeup artist, and her blog is amazing. I wish her all the best in her makeup career.

6. The Skincare Junkie – the skincare lover

Effie Wright wins this category. She has some really useful skincare tips, and her recent post about makeup wipes scared the hell out of me, but I am grateful that I am now more informed 😀

7. The Best Pictures – the blogger with the best pictures

This goes to WhatSheDoesNow. I love the cute pictures with flowers, and candles. So pretty.

8. The Light Bulb – the blogger with the coolest new ideas for blog posts

Even though she created this tag, I am tagging Brittany from The Beauty Deputy. I think she has some great post ideas, including this super cute tag, and I love reading her new posts!

9. The Makeup Tutorial Guru – the blogger who does the best eyeshadow tutorials

This category goes to Sarah of Sarah Loves Makeup. I love the way she photgraphs all of the porducts she uses, and her finished looks are really professional and pretty.

10. The Inspirational – the blogger who is the most inspiring

This goes to layersofbeauty. She is an amazing woman, and reading her A Healthier Beauty Posts is truly inspirational.

11. The Nail Polish Guru – the nail queen

Benita from Benita’s Beauty Bits and Bobs. Benita is a lovely person, and her Daily Nail Challenge Posts are a great way to see loads of different coloured nail polishes.

12. The Highly Fashionable OOTD – the most stylish fashionista

I have to say Joanna from Joanna Loves. I love her style, and her dog is always trying to get into her OOTD posts, super cute!

13. The Emerger – the new blogger who deserves a mention

I’m going to say innerandouterbeauty20. She has only recently started her blog, but I am super excited to see what she has in store!

14. The Unique Blogger Name – the blog with the coolest name

This goes to Fran’s Makeup Menu, it is a cool blog name that shows what it’s about in a really cute way.

15. The Best Commenter – the most frequent and nicest commenter

Izzie from Izzie’s Beauty Blog. Izzie’s comments are always really sweet, and she always replies! I love having chats with her in the comments.

Phew! Wasn’t that a long post. I have no idea which category I would be put in, so I am excited to see where my tagees will put me! If I have tagged you and you decide to do this post then please leave a comment below so I can check it out! See you soon. Bye x


14 thoughts on “Spread the Love Tag!

    • cherryblossom15 says:

      I’m glad you found a few more blogs to follow. Izzie is a great blogger, and this tag is such a great way to show some other bloggers that people may not know! I loved doing it, I hope you get the chance soon. I’d love to read it. X


  1. misshappybeauty says:

    Thank you, it’s really sweet of you. I’ll try and do this tag and get it up some time next week as it is such a lovely one that I’ve never come across before


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