Winter Skincare Routine!

Hello again. I did a guest post on MissHappysBeautyBlog last week (you can check it out here if you haven’t already) which was my top 5 products under £10. I said in that post that I was going to do a skincare version back on my blog. I have been wanting to do an updated skincare routine for a while so I thought I would just do that instead, because I didn’t want to repeat myself. Anyway, rambling over, let’s get to it. Enjoy…


DSCF1789  DSCF1790

Step 1. I remove my eye makeup with the Simple Eye Makeup Remover on cotton wool pads. I love this because it is so gentle, and it doesn’t sting like hell when it gets in your eyes!


Step 2. I massage the Boots SkinClear daily face scrub on a wet face in circular motions. I love this because it smooths my face so nicely, and it removes my face makeup without me needing to use face wipes (which would dry out my face).


Step 3. I cleanse with the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask (Gosh that is a long name!) I have been using this for a very long time and I really like it. It does help to reduce breakouts, and I especially love it because it doesn’t dry out my skin.


Step 4. I moisturise my face with Boots Simply Sensitive moisturiser. I love this because it doesn’t break out my face but it gives me just the right amount of moisturisation!


Step 5. I apply a little bit of Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream below my eyes. This really helps to keep my under-eye area smooth and soft.


Step 6. I apply a little bit of Witch Hazel Blemish Gel to any problem areas so that the next morning, they are reduced.

That’s it. I have been doing this routine for at least six months now, and it seems to be working quite well! Are there any skincare products you swear by, leave them in the comments? Thanks for reading, and I will see you again soon. Bye x


3 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Routine!

  1. suttonsealy says:

    Rather than the witch blemish gel I use witch concealer which is b really cheap but does b the job and gets rid of blemishes etc, love it


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