REVIEW: Body Shop Hand Cream

Hello again. Today I am going to be writing another review. This is another review of a product I got in my Birthday Haul, I am slowly working my way through reviewing all my gifts from my birthday and Christmas. I am going to be reviewing my Body Shop hand cream in vanilla bliss. Enjoy… DSCF1747   DSCF1745

Scent: Vanilla is one of my favourite scents, and t his is a lovely soft vanilla scent. I love the way my hands smell after I apply this. It isn’t too strong, so it doesn’t overpower your nose!

Moisturisation: I think this is a super moisturising hand cream. I am keeping it in my handbag at all times, and I also use it after I have removed my nail varnish, and then again when I have applied more.

Texture: It is very thick and stiff which makes it easy to apply on the go, and means it doesn’t slide around all the time!

Thanks for reading if you would like reviews of any of the other products from my Christmas or Birthday Haul, then leave a comment below. Bye x


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