Wintry Wednesday 5 (last minute gift ideas)

Hello again. Welcome to the fifth instalment of Wintry Wednesday! Today I am going to quickly share my top 5 last minute gift ideas. I am not saying that you should buy all these, but I hope they will sparks one inspiration in you. I was looking online for some ideas and I came across my new favourite website, gift genie. It has a section called last minute gift ideas, which is perfect for inspiration. I had a little browse, and i have picked out my top 5 favourite ideas from the website. Enjoy!

1. Mug Tea Cosy


2. Penguin Postcards


3. Fashion Cookie Set


4. Owl Lip Balm in Chocolate Caramel


5. Alphabet iPhone cases


I hope you enjoyed this mini post! I know it’s very small, but there will be two more posts this week, so hopefully that will make up for it! Thank you for reading, and leave any other gift ideas you have in the comments. I’d love to read them! Bye x

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