What I got for my birthday!

Hello again. I know that today isn’t Sunday, but with all the birthday celebrations everything just got a little out of hand. Before I start I just want to say, I am not trying to brag about what I received. The following items came from many different family members and friends, and I am very grateful for all of them. I received some other more personal gifts, which I have not included as I decided to focus mainly on the beauty related items I got, seeing as this is a beauty blog!!! Anyway, let’s get into it.


First I got the Laura Mercier crème brûlée soufflé body crème. The packaging of this product is gorgeous, it feels very luxurious. The cream is soft yet rich and it smells quite strongly of the body shop shea butter scent. I love it!


Talking of the Body Shop, I got two mini versions of some of their products. I got the vanilla hand cream, which smells like ice cream! And my all time favourite, the pink grapefruit shower gel. I got these both from a close friend, and she knew I loved both of these. I can’t wait to use them.


This is the first of three LUSH products I got. This is their Sunnyside Bubble Bar Slice. It is so glittery! I pulled this out of the bag the minute I opened it, to give it a good smell, and my fingers were covered in golden glitter flakes. Who knows what this will be like in the bath, but we shall see…


The second in my LUSH trio is the Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic. This looks and smells divine. I cannot wait to relax in the bath with this and some candles. Ah…


The final of the LUSH gifts is this, the Luxury Lush Pud Bath Ballistic. I saw this in a LUSH haul by Zoella on YouTube, quite a while back, and I am so glad I can now try it out myself!


I then received a trio of Barry M nail paints. Clockwise from the top there is; the Textured Nail Paint Effect in 346 Majesty, a gold glittery colour perfect for the festive season; the Confetti Nail Paint Effect in 343 Sour Apple, this is a gorgeous and rather funky mint green and blue combo; and finally the Limited Edition Nail Paint in 336 D. I am super excited to wear all of these, and there will hopefully be some festive nail posts up soon!


I got this Yankee Candle in Vanilla Frosting. I love this and I have already burned it a few times. It makes my room smell very homely and gives it a nice calming feel. I was worried that this scent would be too sweet for me, but I actually really like it.


I have no idea where this candle came from as all it says on the underside is Made in Taiwan! It’s a lovely rose scent, as you can probably see from the photo, but it isn’t too floral or overpowering.



This is the Smokey Eyes palette from Collection. My Grandma gave this to me and I am so excited to try it out. I haven’t yet trued out the colours, but they are mainly cold shimmery colours with one light cream shadow in the bottom right hand corner.

DSCF1615 DSCF1619

This is the Clinique ‘a little happiness’ mini perfume set. It has five mini perfumes, from left to right; Clinique happy in bloom, Clinique happy ‘a hint of citrus’, Clinique happy heart, Clinique happy, Clinique happy ‘a wealth of flowers’. They are all lovely perfumes, and perfect to carry around in your handbag.


I am so excited to have got two mini Benefit samples. These are the only products I have from Benefit and I am super pleased. I got the ”that gal” brightening face primer, and the famous POREfessional pore minimizing primer. I have already used the POREfessional primer once, and I am pleased. It kept my makeup on all day and I didn’t break out, YAY!

DSCF1623 DSCF1624

I also got these two Body Shop products. They are the Mango Lip Butter, and the Born Lippy lip balm in Strawberry. I love both these smells and I am already hooked on the lip butter!


I received this amazing book from one of my friends. It is called The Fault In Our Stars and I love it. My friend told me I would cry when I read this, and she was so right! I only got it three days ago, but I have nearly finished it. It is about two teenagers with cancer who fall in love and it is a beautiful story. A must-read for everyone!

DSCF1645My final, and most amazing present was from my parents. It is this gorgeous burgundy satchel handbag from the brand Yoshi. I absolutely love it, and I have already used it once. I love the colour and it comes with a detachable shoulder strap as well!

Thank you for reading this rather long post. I hope you enjoyed. I am so thankful for everything I received for my birthday this year, and I cannot wait to ‘give back’ to everyone at Christmas, when I get to give presents to everyone else! I will be posting my Wintry Wednesday 5 this Wednesday at 18:00 (as always), so be sure to check that out. Have a lovely week. Bye Bye  x


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