The WordPress Family Award!

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Hello again, I am so happy to be writing this post! I have been nominated for the WordPress Family Award by izziekiki. I have spoken about Izzie quite a few times, but she really is a great blogger. She is a teenage blogger just like me, and her posts are a fab. I particularly like her monthly favourites and reviews. You should definitely go and check her out. So on with the rules:

1. Display the award logo on your blog

2. Link back to the person that nominated you

3. Nominate 6 other blogger’s who have made an impact on your blogging experience in such a way that they feel like “family”

4. Let your six WordPress family members know that you have awarded them

5. Spread the Love!

Here are my nominations:

1. lifebeinggirly is a lovely lady. It was recently her birthday, so I this is my unofficial and slightly late little birthday present! She writes really uplifting posts about everything girly and pretty.

2. makingmeblush is a lovely blogger. She always gives such great tips and tricks about beauty and I love her themed posts, like her recent post on brows!

3. effiewright is such a fab person. I have read loads of her posts and she does especially good reviews! Her festive posts at the moment are also a great read.

4. houseofbargain is one sensible lady. She loves to find a good bargain, and I love to read about what she’s found – it’s all good! I especially love her online bargain finds, a great way to check out the latest offers.

5. cavawithdaisy I have read so many of Daisy’s posts and they are fab. From her Birchbox posts, to her lipstick reviews, her posts are all a great read. Plus her kitten is super cute!!!

6. aishaaxo started her blog quite recently and I love it so much. Her posts are so great to read and I find them all very useful. I know one of her goals is to win a fashion blog award, so this is my little, not quite perfect, aim at helping her achieve that goal!

I hope you enjoyed reading, and if I nominated you then thank you for a great welcome to the blogging world. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions (ooh, an unintentional rhyme), I love reading them all! Don’t forget to check out all the bloggers I mentioned, they are all amazing!!! I’ll see you on Wednesday! Bye Bye x

Where else to find me:

Pinterest: 15cherryblossom

Bloglovin: cherryblossom15


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