Nicholas Sparks

From the title of this post, most of you will probably be a little baffled! I shall explain… For those fo you who don’t know, Nicholas Sparks is a famous author of romantic novels. Some of his more famous titles include, The Notebook, Dear John and The Last Song. I adore this man, not in a creepy way, I don’t know him personally. But his books make me laugh cry and dream, until I have a lovely warm fuzzy feeling inside! I have read 8 of his books and I loved them all. I will do a short review for my top three. Without further ado, let’s get going…

Number 3. The Notebook

I love this sad but adorable story so much I have read it twice again since I first bought it! This is one of the few cases where the film is just as good as the book, but I would recommend reading the book first, just so you get a chance to form the characters in your head. The story follows Noah Calhoun (played by Ryan Gosling) and Allie Hamilton (played by Rachel McAdams) on a beautiful love story through happy and very very sad! The film is not one to watch when looking like a red-nosed panda is not ok! I cry in a lot of films, and when I say a lot I mean almost all. Films in which i have lost control over my tearducts include, the smurfs, shrek 1, 2 and 3, the devil wears prada and of course Titanic. Taking this list into account, I can deduce that I am a bit of a crybaby when it comes to films. However I still love the story and the acting is phenomenal.

Number 2. True Believer

Again, this is a tear-jerking story, but it is just lovely. I won’t spoil the end, even though I am dying to and my fingers are using all their strength to avoid typing it!!! I love this story and it is a definitely a great one for someone who likes an uplifting romance with controversial characters and a bit of romance resistance on the part of some characters. Also great for any psychics r ghost-hunters out there, though I doubt there would be many of them reading a beauty blog…

Number 1. The Longest Ride

This is the most recent of my Nicholas Sparks reads and as soon as I finished it shot straight to the top of my list! It is a really interesting story of two young lovers and an elderly widower, who have no links at all with each other, until a strange twist towards the end of the book. I loved the suspense and beautiful flow of the book. Although I obviously read the book in lots of small bits, every time I came back to it I felt like I’d never stopped reading. A definite must-have book, and maybe even a Christmas gift idea.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I am going to be to doing a Christmas series called Wintry Wednesdays. I’m not yet sure the exact content I will be posting, but anything Christmassy could be seen! If you have any suggestions then leave them in the comments. I will try to do a separate beauty post every week too, but as you all know, my twice weekly posting is not the best!!! Come Back on Wednesday for the first Wintry Wednesday post. Bye Bye x

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