September Favourites!

Hi guys, as promised here are my September Favourites! I haven’t got very many to show you as I have been quite sparing with my purchases this month, but October is on its way, and I’m sure there will be many new products I will try out! Anyway, enough rambling, let’s get into it!!!


Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum

I have already done a rather lengthy review of this product, but I love it and I knew it had to feature in my monthly favourites! I won’t go into detail, so all I’ll say is I can’t wait to try out Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Foundation! If you want to read my review, click here.

Natural Collection – Blush in Peach Melba
I love this subtle but illuminating blush from Natural Collection, other than their mascaras, I have not been too fond of any of their products, but after trying this blush I think I will go and have a little nosey at the rest of their products. The blush is not garish or non-existent, but a perfect in between. I love peaches for autumn and this really fits the bill. Although it doesn’t last all day, it wears well and blends effortlessly into the cheeks. Definitely a range to check out!


17 – Doll’d Up Mascara
I went shopping with my cousins a few weeks ago and they recommended this mascara to me. I was looking for a new mascara that curled and defined my lashes, rather than volumized them. I am not disappointed! This is a no-flake, no-smudge mascara and it does what it says, curls! I have medium to thick lashes, so I find that some curling mascaras make me look very spidery in the lash department. This one is great! It curls subtly and gives a nice girly look to my eyes. I would recommend this to anyone!

17 – Phwoarr Paint
This is a heavy-duty under-eye concealer with peachy undertones to cancel out any blueish circles under the eyes. I love it! I have quite dark circles and this really conceals and brightens them. Although it has very good coverage I like to mix it with some liquid concealer as it can be a little cakey on its own. This a great product to try out if you have trouble with your under eye circles, and it is super cheap too!

This is an odd one this month. I haven’t been wearing very many new lip products, so I thought i’d share with you what I have been doing. I have always wanted to try out the LUSH lip scrubs, but at Β£5.00 each I just couldn’t bring myself to risk it. So, to solve my problem I thought I’d make my own. I made a honey and sugar lip scrub and have been using it all the time! It works as a balm if you leave out the sugar and it gives the lips a really nice warm sheen. If you would like a recipe for this DIY scrub then leave a comment below, or like this post and I will be sure to get it up soon!

I am probably one of the most devoted Strictly Come Dancing fans in the world, Ok, maybe not, but I do love it!!! The new series has recently started and I am already hooked. The costumes are insane! If you are a fan, comment below. It is just amazing!

I also have one Un-Favourite for this month and it is this Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect stay powder. I like the matteness, I like the texture, but the colours are just awful. I have the colour 001 Light and it is way too dark, even though my skin is medium toned. I don’t know why the colour range is so bad, but I would avoid this product if you’re not sure the colour matches your skin.

Thank you for reading today. I will see you again next Sunday. Don’t forget to leave any suggestions in the comments and remember to like this post if you want to see the DIY lip scrub recipe up soon! Bye Bye, CB x
PS. I have recently opened a Pinterest account and I would love you to check it out. My username is 15cherryblossom. Leave your names below if you want me to check out your account!


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