REVIEW: MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette


This is my second ‘Wednesday Review’ and this time it is of the MUA Heaven and Earth palette. I went to Superdrug a few days ago looking for a new eyeshadow palette and I found this. I knew I needed something to review today, so I decided, last-minute that it should be this! I have a lot to say about this palette and I plan to go into detail so I have numbered the 12 different shades on the photo above for easy description. Let’s get going…

All the shadows in this palette are shimmery shades and are mostly quite sheer. They each have distinct colours, but the lighter shades are more subtle. I am going to roughly describe some of the shades and then give my overall thoughts of the palette afterwards. I will start with shade 1. This is a very light and shimmery shade and is not heavily pigmented. I think this is a good colour for highlighting small areas such as the brow bone. Shade 3 is a kind of khaki shade and is just lovely. The colour is subtle but there, and it has golden undertones. I love shade 5 as a slightly dramatic crease colour. It has a good level of shimmer but requires a rather large amount when blending, as it tends to rub away easily. Shade 6 is a really pretty gold colour and is a great base for a more golden eye look, it slightly resembles Maybelline’s colour tattoo in barely beige in tone. Shade 9 is also a great base colour and works well with a very dark crease colour to create a really dramatic eye look. Shade 11 has to be my favourite of them all. I have been using this shade as my every day crease colour along with the cream base I reviewed last week in Wild Nude as the base and a small amount of Natural Collection’s white eyeliner in the inner corner. This is a fab everyday look and could be made summery with a bright lip colour.

Overall I like this palette, not love, but like. I love the shades and the combination possibilities are vast, but the pigmentation is not very great and the application is a little chalky. I think that this palette is a great investment for possible crease colours, but other than shade 1, the lighter colours seem rather useless. I would recommend this palette for crease colours, but for a complete palette, it is a little weak.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Please give suggestions for Sunday’s post in the comments. X


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