Collective Haul!

This is my first haul post so let’s get to it…
I will do a mini review for each product I mention as I did this haul quite a while ago and so I have had a chance to see what I think about the products. I would just like to apologise for the lack of photos, my camera has died and I haven’t managed to sort it out. I will put links to all the products I mention next to their mini review. Let’s get started!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
I adore this powder. Pixi2woo on Youtube introduced me to this and now I am in love! It blends really well and I love the texture of it. The only thing I would say is that I found it really hard to find what colour I was, because the tester were not very good! Other than that, I love this powder and I will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out.

Rimmel Natural Sun Bronzer
This is a good bronzer and I really like it. If you are looking for a very strong pigment then this isn’t the on to go for. However, if you just want to add some subtle and gentle colour to your face, then this is perfect. It also has SPF 15 which is great for summer!

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick
I got this lipstick in the colour Marshmallow Whip, and I love it! It is so pretty and bright. I have to say that it does look a little brighter and sparklier when it’s on than in swatches, but nevertheless it is lovely. It is meant to last a long time, and I wouldn’t say it rubbed off really easily, but with gloss over the top, it does rub off in a few hours – reapplication needed to maintain the colour throughout the day.

Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream
this has now become my everyday foundation. During the summer I find that I prefer to use BB creams as opposed to foundations. I think that it is better to have a lighter product on your skin during the heat, especially as it can tend to slide around! I love this BB cream, it definitely does at least a few of the things it says it does. In terms of colour, it is quite dark. I normally fall in the medium to dark range, but I am definitely in the light tone for this product.

Natural Collection LashBuild Mascara
I already own the LashDefinition mascara from Natural collection, so I decided to invest in another one. I think this is a good investment if you have reasonably thick lashes already, like I do. It doesn’t smudge or flake, but it is definitely not waterproof!

Hope you enjoyed. I will be posting my updated skincare routine which I am really pleased with, so look out for that.


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