May Favourites!

Hey guys… Today is the day for my May Favourites! I have been really busy revising during May so I don’t have very many exciting new beauty favourites, but I have included quite a few non-beauty favourites to pad it out! Hope you enjoy…

This is the only powder I have ever used properly, and I love it! It is a really good make-up setter, but I do find that I am between shades. I know that the Rimmel Stay Matte powder is meant to be good, so that is on my wishlist at the moment.

I adore this eyeliner! I used to use a Rimmel one, which was great, but it was more expensive, so I picked this one up and I have been loving it! It is quite watery, so I recommend that you shake it before use.

I love these little cuties. They are really nice and small, but they still give a good colour. They aren’t the most pigmented of eyeshadows, but I love them. Just in case you can’t read in the awful quality picture above, the colours are clockwise; SKY, SOFT PINK and LILAC SHIMMER.

This is my everyday foundation, and I loves it! I think the coverage is about medium, but it isn’t heavy on the skin, and it’s easy to remove! I only use this foundation on normal days, when I go out and want to look my bestest I use something with a heavier coverage. This is a great everyday foundation.

On to the non-makeup favourites, although still in the beauty section of things. I love this nail polish, but it chips quite easily without a top coat 😦 However, it is a lovely colour and a lot more pink than it seems in the photo!

Another Barry M nail varnish! I love this colour too, and I think it is a good decoration colour. I’m not a massive fan of this colour as a block colour, but it works well with the Pink one above!

So now for the last two items on the list! These are totally not beauty related, but I have been loving them nonetheless! This phone case is just too cute for words, so I am not going to write any more than I LOVE IT!

This is my favourite mug in the whole entire world and it is sooooo adorable. It even has a little birdy inside! Awww… I also love the shape and size of this mug, as I am rather picky when it comes to mug size!

That concludes my May Favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading. Please comment with any requests of other Beauty posts you would like me to do! Please follow me and I will post again soon. CB x


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